How do I prioritize my work backlog?

Our FREE Bot will help you figure it out. How do you prioritize your backlog
Work Backlog Prioritization Methods

How will this help me?

The Prioritizer Bot will be asking you a set of questions so he can recommend the Backlog Prioritization Method that fits perfectly with your type of project, your team, and your work


  1. How many questions are there?
    Jexo Bot will ask you a total of 10 questions related to how you work.
  2. What kind of questions are these?
    These are questions that focus on your type of work, your team profile, and your customer profile.
  3. What methods are available?
    Based on your answers, the bot will recommend one of the following work prioritization techniques: ICE, RICE, WSJF, Value vs Effort
  4. How does it recommend?
    We translated the common traits for every method into questions, and established a scoring formula to suggest the highest-scoring method based on your answers.