Component Management for Jira

Manage your Jira
components the smart way

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Enable cross-project components, component versioning and releases


Create, manage and edit components from a centralized view in Jira


Tag your components with labels and link component versions to project versions


Synchronize components with Jira

Create, edit and manage components from a single place, then share and sync components across all Jira projects.


Collaborate across Jira projects

Collaborate on Jira components across projects and teams by giving permission beyond admins to edit components.


Create and track component versions

Manage native component versions and track work progress without mandatory project association, then assign issues straight from your Jira backlog or Kanban board.

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Octo is priced $0.8 per user, up to 250 users, beyond which a lower price is assigned. Octo is free for small teams of 10 users or less. If you wish to know more about our pricing range, visit the Atlassian Marketplace.
Once you install Octo from the Atlassian Marketplace, you get a 30-day free trial that any number of users can enjoy. Once your 30-day free trial expires, you will be charged a fee for using this project management software.
Octo is in line with all Atlassian Marketplace security programs, which means that your data is secure.
  • Bug Bounty Program

    Octo is part of the Atlassian Marketplace Bug Bounty Program, a powerful post-production tool that helps detect vulnerabilities in our applications through 100 security researchers who test them on a daily basis. Octo is identifiable by the security badge we have on our Marketplace app listing.

  • Security Self Assessment

    Every year, Atlassian and Marketplace partners (such as us) work together on a security self-assessment that pinpoints vulnerabilities and identifies improvements; we apply to it yearly.

  • CAIQ-Lite

    A 71-question assessment questionnaire created to accommodate the shift to cloud, and enable cybersecurity professionals to more easily engage with cloud vendors like us.

  • Atlassian Silver Solution Partner

    Atlassian recognizes our expertise and experience with Atlassian products, and our commitment to the Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program. A silver badge requires us to meet a 48h SLA on support requests; we tend to respond within 2 hours.

Octo is so well integrated with Jira, you’d think they’re one project management application.
  • Whatever changes you make to a cross-project component in any of your projects is synchronized across all Jira projects, automatically (every 4 hours) or in real time with the click of a button.

  • You can create component versions that you can link to your Jira project versions

  • You can assign issues to any component version you create from your Jira backlog or Kanban board.

Yes, you can easily import components into a newly created project and use labels to tag your components - eg. product 1, product 2 etc., so you can see which product the component belongs to.
Yes, it is possible. With Octo Jira plugin, you can create a component version by selecting a component, then pick a release start and end dates for it; and it’s up to you whether you want to connect it to a project version now, later, or never.
No, there is no need. With Octo, you can create a component version without having to tie it to a project version. Also, if you decide to connect your component version with a project version later on, you easily can.
Yes, you can create and manage component versions on their own, without connecting them to projects.
Yes. You can own the same component across multiple teams and projects, which means you can link issues from multiple projects to a single component; and with Octo, you get to manage all your Jira components from a centralized view.