Meet Jexo

The EVIL team

We are a lean startup based in Scotland and Ukraine and our mission is to help improve how work is delivered with better planning tools.

Our team is passionate about everything SaaS products, we build cloud apps to extend functionality and solve common problems for Atlassian users. All of our tools reflect our passion for quality output and focus on customer success.

Together we learn, have fun and enjoy contributing to the growth of the Atlassian community.

Our core values

We established the EVIL values as a set of simple guiding principles that reflect our company culture and attitude. In our team, being evil means to exercise the 4 values as follows:

  • Embrace simplicity

    Don't overthink, have a minimalist approach

  • Value happiness

    Bring good vibes, uplift and have fun

  • Impress customers

    Delight customers and peers, be epic

  • Love your craft

    Always hungry, explore and learn, then teach