Register, assess and prioritize project risks in Jira

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Keep your Jira risks under control and your project healthy; let Hedge take care of the risk management process for you.

identify risks


Know where to best allocate your resources with the help of a risk matrix

mitigate risks


Help your business recover fast and communicate better with a mitigation plan

report risks


Gain stakeholder’s trust by generating risk reports on the spot

Jira Priority Matrix by Foxly

Identify project risks and avoid surprises

🔎 Prioritize based on automatically calculated levels and scores
📈 Assess risk metrics such as impact and probability
🧮 Evaluate visually with risk levels, risk scores and the risk matrix

Jira Planning Poker by Foxly

Mitigate and recover faster with the right info

👁 Track your mitigation plan’s progress directly in Jira
🤝 Communicate progress with teams, stakeholders and customers
🔬 Use custom templates and manage all risks from one place

Jira Prioritization Plugin by Foxly

Prove your plan with organized risk reports

🤝 Gain stakeholders’ trust with risk reports created for you
📊 Remove the manual work from your entire process
🔎 Analyze risks and visualize your key risk indicators

Healthy Projects have 90% more chance to succeed. Make your projects healthy with Hedge.

Start your 30-day free trial today! Free forever for up to 10 users.

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Hedge is priced per user. It starts at $0 for up to 10 users - yes you read that right, it’s free for small teams. For teams larger than 10 members, Hedge is priced at a $1 flat monthly fee per user; beyond 100 users, it gets even cheaper than that. If you want to know more about our pricing, visit the Atlassian Marketplace
Get a 30-day free trial of Hedge’s full functionality by installing this awesome Jira plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace. Once your admin has installed Hedge, all users can enjoy a free trial for 30 days, after which a fee is required to continue using the app (for teams larger than 10).
Hedge adheres to Atlassian Marketplace security programs, which we know, is very important for you.

Forge app
Hedge is a Forge app, fully hosted by Atlassian; Forge was designed to make the operating of an app easier and more secure; it also saves time and money, which is why Hedge is so cheaply priced.

Security Self Assessment
Every year, Atlassian and Marketplace partners (such as us) work together on a security self-assessment that Atlassian reviews and approves; it consists of pinpointing vulnerabilities and identifying improvements. We apply to this every year.

This is an assessment questionnaire created to accommodate the shift to cloud, and enable cybersecurity professionals to more easily engage with cloud vendors like us; the questionnaire features 71 questions.

Atlassian Gold Solution Partner
Atlassian recognizes Jexo’s expertise and experience with Atlassian products, and our full commitment to the Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program. And though a gold badge may require us to meet a 48h SLA on support requests, we usually respond within 2 hours.
Integration is important for enabling existing tools to share information; Hedge is very well integrated with Jira.

- You can calculate risk scores in Hedge directly
- You can link any Jira issue to your risk management process
Yes you can.
With Hedge, you can customize risk scores and the score formula in whichever way works best for your specific project or organization. Risk prioritization doesn’t get more tailored than this.
Hedge encourages collaboration between any number of stakeholders; not only are they able to link Jira issues in a very easy way, they also get to participate in the risk prioritization process.
Hedge allows you to create risks like you would any regular Jira issue. You can either use a set template for your risk registers, or customize your own. You can also customize your metrics (that you can actually choose from a simple dropdown) and the formula you choose to score your risks.

Hedge isn’t available in the Data Center/Server environment; we’re focused on offering the best experience for Jira Cloud!
No. You can try Hedge absolutely free of charge for 30 days; you and your entire team. And remember…Hedge is actually full-on free for teams of 10 or less people!
No. We believe in encouraging and helping small teams grow; that is why Hedge, alongside all of our apps, are free for teams of 10 or less users.
Currently no, the Hedge app does not yet have a Permissions feature to restrict access. But we’re working on it!
Import your Jira project issues into Hedge as risks, with a single click, and manage them all from a single place. You can even use templates to simplify the risk management process altogether!
Yes, of course. Create the risk register template that works best for your project; customize key metrics and risk parameters, then prioritize based on levels and scores that get automatically calculated for you.
Back up every decision you make with clear, organized reports that Hedge creates for you; track your project risk health with a risk matrix, risks raised over time, risk levels and risk statuses.

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