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Product management prioritization is all about knowing what to work on, when, and why... because no team on earth can build everything at once.

Jira Priority Matrix by Foxly


• Work on features that align with product goals
• Deliver the most value to your customers
• Stay efficient with your time

Jira Planning Poker by Foxly


• Get better stakeholder feedback
• Align everyone in a shorter time
• Assess the possible outcomes around feature

Jira Prioritization Plugin by Foxly


• Let product strategy be driven by data
• Manage and analyze customer feedback
• Develop the actual features people want


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Foxly is priced per user: it's completly free for up to 10 users, for 11 users and up it's 0.4 per user. If you've got more than 499 users, then it's even cheaper. If you want to know more about our pricing, visit the Atlassian Marketplace.
Get a 30-day free trial of Foxly’s full functionality by installing this Jira plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace. Once your admin has installed Foxly, all users can enjoy a free trial for 30 days, after which a fee is required to continue using the app.
To install Foxly, you need to be an administrator; click on the “try it free” button on Foxly’s Atlassian Marketplace page or watch the Getting started with Foxly video.
By default, Foxly includes these prioritization methods: You can however customize any prioritization method that suits your work, by using your own metrics and score formula.
Foxly allows you to use any weighted prioritization method by adding the factors you find important and giving them a weight.

Metrics that can be used
Development effort, Design effort, QA effort, Ease, Confidence, Sales Impact, Customer impact, Support impact, Strategic impact, Legal requirement, Business risk, OKR alignment, Fun, Reach, Product area (or Product component), Increases retention, Churn reduction, Urgency, and so on.

Weighted score for example
Score = 3*Business risk + 1*OKR alignment + 2*Reach + 3*Development effort + 1*QA effort
Foxly is fully integrated with Jira, which means that you can prioritize features directly in Jira and make use of some cool automation rules to help simplify and improve your product prioritization process, and remove the manual overhead.
There are many good reasons to use Foxly instead of something else, but to name a few:
  • Foxly integrates better with Jira, where the work happens.
  • There is no need to acquire any other tool for prioritization; simply use Jira with the Foxly plugin.
  • Foxly is a Jira app which means there is no need to set up any Jira integration.
  • Everyone on your team (if given access) can access the priorities.
  • Definitely simpler.
  • Definitely cheaper.
One way to include team members in your prioritization process is by inviting them to a Jira Agile planning poker session (also known as “scrum poker” or “pointing poker”); it’s a fun way to collaborate and align on strategy and vision. Jira planning poker in Foxly is perfect for remote teams as it offers all stakeholders, anywhere in the world, the opportunity to contribute to the decision-making process by voting on backlog issue metrics.

To know more about the feature, check out this article on the art of inclusive prioritization with Agile planning poker in Jira.

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