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[Nikki] Good morning. I'm Nikki

[Biro] and I'm Biro

[Nikki] And this is a Monday coffee with Jexo where we scan through last week's news and updates from across the Atlassian world.

[Biro] All right. So this morning, we'll start with, I think one of the biggest announcements from last week. Towards the end of the week, which is the Jira Work Management. And let me share my screen here with an announcement from the user community. It seems from what I make from it, it seems like this is a rebranding of Jira core. It's not a new product. So if you're already using Jira core, you'll probably get this refresh of the functionality when it comes out as part of your existing subscription. It seems to be remaining heavy accent on all of the business departments and marketing teams. And not only for development teams, we have seen the, the business projects and the Jira core being used by HR and other business departments. So it seems to be the same targeting the same audience.

[Biro] It's also interesting to see actually when it comes out, how flexible and customizable some of these features are going to be. Because when you think of these types of consumer, usually you don't necessarily think of highly customizable [options]. I think with this release, and I looked at the landing page there, their landing page is super slick. I actually like the, the branding on the landing page for this Jira Work Management functionality. I think they're targeting markets like Monday.com Click Up and other equivalent markets.

[Biro] Yeah. I think this actually will also benefit partners indirectly, I would say. And I think given that, you know, they're targeting a certain type of audience. As more new cloud audience explores this kind of products, it will benefit our partners as well.

[Nikki] Yeah, definitely. And some of these features, they seem to be quite overlapping with what was announced for Trello recently. So if you scroll down a little bit on this page, you'll be able to see... There is, there's basically like a calendar view, the list view, which is editable. So you can basically edit in-line in a spreadsheet-like table.I'm curious how many columns people would be able to pull-in into this table to make it editable. But there is a lot of apps on the Atlassian Marketplace that are trying to do a similar thing. So I wonder if this is going to end up in the software projects as well, or only in business projects in Jira Work Management.

[Biro] Yeah. And that's one of the reasons why I said earlier that I'm curious on how customizable these new features are going to be. Because if they come out of the box and it's just plug-and-play maybe there's not that much room for other type of projects and teams to use it. But if they are extremely customizable, then it will be interesting to see how things play out, especially that there's a bit of a trend nowadays in the Marketplace. There are quite a few apps that have been launched that do this type of spreadsheet-like management of your issues. So having this introduced by Atlassian as well is interesting. Especially because they are positioning it as a "spreadsheet replacer".

[Nikki] And another interesting feature, there was the forms. So you can create your own forms and then get the feedback and work with it directly in Jira. So you don't need an additional app for that, which is quite interesting as well. And I quite like the interface, there is that site panel over there and you can just drag and drop the fields you need. So it looks quite interesting...

[Biro] Yeah. I've already subscribed for the Beta test. If you're watching this, I think we'll post the link to this announcement. And they have a link there where you can submit your interest for early access to this new Jira core rebrand. Right. So let's move on to the new release in Confluence.

[Nikki] Yes. Let me just click here. There was a new release to Confluence Smart links. So smart links were released somewhere last year. And one of the first releases included smart links to the Miro board and Figma. So basically what you can do with these Smart links is when you insert the link in Confluence, it will then give you option of how you want to show the content of this link. So with this, you will be able to, for example, embed your Miro board and then visualize these Miro boards on the screen in confluence and the same for Figma. So you don't need to [switch in between screens] you know, it's quite limited, but it gives you this functionality. They released a new bunch of these embedded features that include, for example, YouTube, a lot of social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. The one which I would probably have a look at and we'll be interested in is Calendly.

[Nikki] So if you use Calendly, that's basically the tool for scheduling the meetings. You need to need to, you know, discuss it with people when you have time, if they don't have access to your calendars, it's quite cool. But also Medium and Spotify, et cetera. And all of these links also come to Trello as well. So you can embed them in the Trello cards as well. So I think that's going to make Confluence pages even more interactive. And you basically don't need to leave your page in order to read information from other applications, which is very good.

[Biro] Yeah. And I've, I've always seen Confluence. I mean, this is not innovative thought, but I've always seen Confluence as the hub for all of your organization information and it has been in the past and it is for us as well. And having the ability to utilize additional apps within the Confluence space. I think it's, it will, it will further consolidate that thought that you know - Hey, if you want to navigate your organization information, start with Confluence. I know there are a lot of apps on the Marketplace that do a bit of the stuff that Atlassian is introducing now, but having some native functionality like that will help attract more audience towards Confluence.

[Nikki] Yeah. And it also sounds like a basic functionality you would like to have in confluence itself. Right. You know, now it's like a delighting feature, but it's going to become standard in a few months and people will wonder why you don't have it by default in there in your Confluence.

[Biro] And I think that also increases the need for additional services. Atlassian is not going to take time to introduce and probably is going to stick to the most popular services out there. So there will be an increased need for more services, which apps facilitate. All right. Next up, we have the insight early access program, Nikki.

[Nikki] Yeah. I'm sharing my screen.

[Biro] Oh, sorry. I keep forgetting

[Nikki] So Insight. Well, the happened to Insight? In 2020 Insight app and company Mindville was acquired by Atlassian. And now last week was announced the early access program to Insight in Jira Service Management formerly Jira Service Desk, I think. So now you can go and apply for this early access program and try out Insight again. They are planning, as they mentioned here, to have it as a part of the enterprise feature in Jira Service Management afterwards. But if you would like to contribute and give them some feedback, you can go ahead and submitted the ticket and ask for early access to the program.

[Biro] Yeah. And I was expecting, expecting Atlassian to dive deep into all of this change, risk and also asset management. One, like you said because of the acquisition of Insight last year, but also with the recent rebranding to Jira Service Management in order to encompass a larger scope of this field. I'll definitely sign up as well. I'm super curious on how they're planning to adjust insight product to fit into Jira Service Management. Okay. Next up we have the Stripe partnership announcement. This is my favorite. I mean, I've been a Stripe fan since, since early days, but unfortunately I've not had the opportunity to work directly as a developer I'm loving their developer ecosystem and implementation tools and all of this stuff. But you know, being in the Atlassian ecosystem as a cloud apps provider, I've not had the need to work directly with Stripe, which is a pity. But the good news is that they're now working with Atlassain. They've announced it on their [Stripe] blog last, last week.

[Biro] I think it's a smart move for Atlassian because as they expand their, let's say, cloud dominion and the teamwork space, it's a good sign that they start to hand over certain services, like for example, the billing mechanism to an expert in this space. And honestly, who else than the best of the best Stripe. I will definitely love to see Atlassian use more management services like this so that it helps them focus on what matters and their mission, rather than dealing with all of these side services to put it like that. Also hopefully, this also will mean some visible improvements for customers and partners in the future. I'm thinking maybe with more flexible subscription and billing options in reporting and things like that. But I mean, let me not be hopeful. We'll see things might not change on our end, but we're hopeful. I think it's also great to see Stripe explode over the last years. When I started hearing about Stripe, there were facilitating for small to medium-size companies. And in the last few years, they started handling payments for some proper saas giants. So it's really interesting to see that they do that, especially that I'm a big Stripe fan.

[Nikki] It's good that Atlassian is going to have a space to focus on what matters. So that's always good then custom built for yourself.

[Biro] Okay. You didn't share anything with me.

[Nikki] Oh, sorry. Let me do that.

[Biro] So, right. So this is the article of the week. By the way, every week, we try to go through a bunch of Atlassian's ecosystem, blogs and articles and figure out what's the best thing to share. So, Nikki, do you want to talk about this?

[Nikki] Yes. So the article I found it's a little bit older. It was released in early February, but I really liked it because it has a quiz. Obviously it's a fun quiz, so don't take it too seriously, but it tells you that you can discover their natural leadership style. So I think it's seven or six, very simple questions. And the output of it is it will tell you what kind of reader are you. So if you are like a Darth Vader or bureaucratic et cetera. So I took the quiz. I had the results of being Democratic and Biro you had what?

[Biro] Of course you did. And I think it's less surprising for me that I'm the Coach. The Coaching leader Mr Miyagi, ok?

[Nikki] There is no surprise that you are a coaching leader. No surprise there. So take a quiz and let us know what you are? I think it's quite a fun.

[Biro] Awesome. And the last piece of news from around the ecosystem. And this is one that's, I'd say a bit on the side, but interesting reading to get into. So there's this article that I found published last week from Simply Wall Street, talking about whether there's... basically giving a quick glimpse on the trajectory of the Atlassian stock and answering the question, whether now is a good time, the right time to invest in Atlassian stock or not. And I think the reason why this article exists now is that back in January Atlassian stock dipped dropped in price significantly after a notable increase, a notable gain back in November. I think people started wondering, is it going to drop again? Is it time for me to potentially invest in Atlassian?

[Biro] I think there are expectations that Atlassian stock will continue to have ups and downs as they accelerate expanding their strategy into this subscription market. But the trend is upwards. I think Atlassian is getting more and more established there are forecasts of increasing their billions revenue year by year. So the trajectory is always going to be up, but as they do invest more in other companies and take actions and basically push their strategy forward, there will be ups and downs. At least that's what experts say in the Atlassian team stock. So there will be opportunities. I don't think right now because it started going back up, but there will definitely be opportunities. I think my honest, humble non-expert opinion is that there will be opportunities for future dives as it just fluctuates constantly in the next year or so.

[Biro] All right. And that's kind of it for today. Thank you everyone for watching. Hopefully, this is useful. We'll do this, as I mentioned, every single Monday at 9:00 AM. We'll give you the quick scan of everything that's going on around the Atlassian ecosystem from the previous week. So join us next week for a new episode. See you

[Nikki] See you.