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The Meta-inff Atlassian Day event is starting on 8th June 2021. It's a 3 days long event that you can attend online for everyone who is interested in the Atlassian ecosystemThere are some great speakers from many marketplace partners like Adaptavist, Tempo, and even Atlassian.

Biro, founder and CEO at Jexo, is having two presentations as well about the efficient backlog prioritization in Jira and the modern approach to planning and tracking your work with Swanly.  

Tickets are free 👉 you can register here.

June Atlassian Developer Event

Marketplace Partner Get Together, Developer Get Together, and DX Office Hours are joining into one event that is going to be happening monthly.

The event will be in a Lean Coffee format with multiple breakouts on a new platform called Welo on Tuesday, Jun 29 - 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (CEST).

Welo platform used on June Developer event for Atlassian Marketplace partners.

👉 Read more about the event here

Join the Atlassian Enterprise Admin research focus group

Atlassian is looking for Enterprise Admins to join a research focus group session on the future of admin work.  You will help Atlassian explore things like automated administration, end-user onboarding, and so on.

The session is 90 minutes and you'll get 195$ gift card as a thank you. There are a few requirements you need to meet - you need to be an Admin in Crowd, Access, or Admin Hub in a company with at least 1000 employees.  

New improvements to user management in Bitbucket Cloud

Atlassian is releasing improvements to Bitbucket Administration.There are three main improvements related to user listing and admin: user search was improved together with review and update groups.

New improvements to the User Administration page on Bitbucket.

User Administration on Bitbucket Cloud should be now easier, if you have any feedback 👉 let the team know here!

New Confluence feature: Hover page cards

A new improvement to Confluence is being rolled out over June 2021 - A hover cards. When you hover over the page title in the Confluence menu then the card appears with basic information about the page including:

  • full-page title,
  • excerpt,
  • who was the creator of the page,
  • the last time the page was updated,
  • and if the page has any likes or comments.

And if that wouldn't be enough there is also a quick edit button that saves you a click if you want to edit the page directly.

New Confluence improvements: Hover cards for menu

Tempo to enter new ecosystems - Appointing Shannon Mason As VP

Tempo announced bringing Shannon Mason to help with expansion in new markets outside Atlassian. With a background in neuroscience and psychology, Miss Mason has lead Product Teams for GitLab,  Digital.ai, and Rally Software.

Tempo is the largest best-selling Marketplace Partner for time tracking and planning.  Time management tools are usually clunky so it's no wonder there is demand for Tempo to expand in new markets. And it seems they're already working on some exciting partnerships so we'll be waiting for updates in the next few months!

The Atlassian Vendor Sketch Plugin

The Atlassian design team open-sourced Atlassian vendor sketch plugin and in this article, you can learn about recent changes and how to use them...and why.

One of the changes includes populating designs with real-like data instead of lorem ipsum or project names like Project 1, Project 2, etc.  This helps discover design problems sooner before the designs go to development and address them. For example problems with the overflowing text, paddings, and so on.

Another interesting improvement is a new avatar pack that is generated based on the Nvidia paper about GAN-created faces so you don't need to worry about licenses for your pictures.  

New release of Atlassian Vendor Sketch plugin includes GAN-created avatars.

These are some really nice improvements that save quite some time during the design and that help prepare designs to be also shared publicly without you needing to worry about anything.

👉 Here is a link for the library

Former Atlassian Board Member Kirk Bowman joins Appfire

Kirk Bowman joins Appfire board of directors to help the company with its rapid expansion. Kirk has more than 30 years of experience working with technology companies. He is a senior leader in sales and operations, former Atlassian Board Member and Stanford lecturer.

👉 Read the full announcement here