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[Nikki] Good morning, everyone. I'm Nikki...

[Biro] ...and I'm Biro.

[Nikki] And this is a Monday coffee with Jexo where we scan through last week's news and updates from across the Atlassian world. Today, we are streaming on Tuesday because we had a few technical difficulties yesterday, but the news are still relevant so you can watch. The links for the sources of the topics we are going to discuss today are all linked in the description or in the comments below. And the first topic we have on the plate is?

[Biro] We're chatting about the newest acquisition use from the Atlassian ecosystem. I feel that every single week we talk about some sort of acquisition or some sort of investment. I think it's a statement of the ecosystem and the partnership world just expanding.

Atlassian seems to be making a serious investment in enterprise service management and the acquisition of ThinkTilt is another clear indicator of that, after they previously acquired the likes of Halp and Mindville Insight.

If you're not heard of Proforma, the article might be a bit too fuzzy, to be honest, as Atlassian tends to overuse big words, but fundamentally Proforma is an advanced form and checklist builder for Jira and Jira Service desk or Service management, as it's called now. This means Atlassian will bring the ability to create custom forms for your team's internal use, as well as customer-facing. Which is in my opinion, pretty awesome.

I want to say, well done Charles and the team at ThinkTilt, and thank you for your contribution to the ecosystem throughout the years. We're really looking forward to seeing where you take Proforma next as part of the Atlassian offering. So well done everyone. πŸ‘

[Nikki] Congratulations Thinktilt, well-done team. 🎊

So the next news that we have on the plate are improvements to Confluence that are coming soon. With this new feature, you will be able to convert any conference page to blog, no matter if it's already a published page or it's just a draft.

The option will be available in the drop-down menu, just under More actions where you have for example copy, delete, or archive options. So you always have it on hand available when you need it.

I can see how this feature is useful for many if for example accidentally create a page instead of blog. So now instead of creating a new blog and copying content, and then deleting the old page, you can do all of that just in two clicks. So I think that's really, really useful.

[Biro] So yeah, that's pretty cool. I agree. Well, is there any date on when this is coming?

[Nikki] There is no exact date, but as we all know with Atlassian they roll out gradually, so when they announced something like this, it's going to be expected in the next few weeks.

[Biro] There was a new post on the Atlassian forum community. The Confluence team is looking to improve the inline commenting module, which is awesome.

I think the feature is pretty cool already. I was really happy when it was introduced, but I'm definitely not a hardcore user. So there's probably some most needed upgrades to that.

The team in charge of the editor is looking for feedback about the inline comment feature. If you use this component intensively and have thoughts about the things that are working or things that need to improve, do book a feedback session this week. Link to the booking is in the description and you get a $100 voucher or gift certificate as, as a thank you for participating to the feedback session. And you also need to spare around 30 minutes for that session. And it's over a zoom call. And again, as I mentioned do it this week because it's happening only this week. It's a bit of short notice you still have time.

[Nikki] They announced it on Tuesday and Thursday anyways.

[Biro] It was not our fault. Our new date is Atlassian's fault.

[Nikki] So speaking of research, I have some great conversations here around research. Last week there was a, there was a live stream on Atlassians, LinkedIn and Twitter about the power of research and insights where the guests were Leisa Reichelt - head of research and insights in Atlassian and Christian Stovall who is a director of CX/UX research at St. Jude children's research hospital.

If you are a researcher, product manager, marketer, or anyone who is interested in research, then definitely watch the talk. There are some interesting insights about the state of research in both organizations, democratizing research, and the change process that's coming together with that.

And to pick one interesting highlight that was mentioned... it was mentioned that the hardest thing while implementing the new processes and standards for research in the organization was to convince people to slow down, to go faster. But with a new processes and templates, they raised the quality bar of research and managed to get people on board.

And if you are curious where they are storing their research standards and templates it is of course in Confluence.

[Biro] Yeah. That's a really good conversation. And I'm sure that we can find a lot of things that we can apply to how we do things internally around research and spiking and all of these things.

[Biro] This is a bit of an announcement just to make sure that everyone's aware. For those that are planning to attend the Team 21 event this week, there was a group created in the community forums dedicated to discussions that come out of the Team 21 event.

There is also a team bingo. It's actually the first post in that group. And if you play that, you can get a special community badge, and who doesn't love badges. 😁 Don't forget. Team 21 is starting this Thursday. So don't miss out on some really great sessions. We'll definitely be watching with a big bucket of popcorn 🍿

[Nikki] Not a "Bitbucket" but "big bucket" πŸ˜‚πŸ€“

So speaking of bingo, if you would like to play a bingo where you win a real swag, like for example, this t-shirt (the Atlassian pizza t-shirt πŸ• ) definitely check out this post.

So what it is? It's a Confluence Bingo. It's a third one that's already running, there were two others in the past. And you can win some real swag from Atlassian's store for yourself and also your favourite teammate.

To play just download the picture, highlight the squares you can claim. And you might also probably want to speak to your team to investigate if you can claim any of these because they might be quite hard to guess. And then post a picture with bingo in the comment section and the winner will be picked at the end of April.

And if you wanted to make sure you have a higher chance chances to win, then definitely read this post because there are some tips on how to increase your chance of winning.

[Biro] We should play that next week in our team get-together.

[Nikki] Yes. Preferably yes. But some of these are really interesting. For example, are you sleepwalking or do you believe in ghosts? So I think we will learn something about the team as well.

[Biro] I hope it's nothing shocking.

[Nikki] Finally we have this article of the week and this time is again about innovation, which seems to be quite a popular topic in Atlassian in the past few weeks. Especially after launching Point A program. And if you didn't check Point A program yet then definitely do that. There's a website dedicated, I'm sure you will be able to Google it. They have a quite interesting products you can try for free there while they're still in beta or alpha.

This article is titled "How to get past shiny object syndrome and build what's your customers really want", and it introduces innovation sprints and how they're successfully run in the English company Bright that is located in Brighton! (Which is same as us)

Innovation spins they run are 2-5 days and the purpose is to test the ideas and turn them into business concepts or to refine existing concepts.

And just to keep in mind when reading this article, it does not fully cover how to identify problems itself. And you might want to research this topic a little bit more because it's not as simple as just "check the customer feedback". So maybe listening to the podcast we were talking about earlier might be helpful.

[Biro] Yeah. So I think the podcast, plus this article is a pretty strong set of informative posts for you to start thinking about doing some similar, cool stuff.

[Nikki] And if you don't have time to read or you don't like to read, I noticed that Atlassian started introducing these five-second summaries at the beginning of articles.

[Biro] I think that's kind of it for news about Atlassian. I hope you enjoyed Monday coffee with Jexo, whether you're watching it live or recorded later.

Just a reminder, the links from all the topics that we've discussed are in the description below. So make sure to check them out and read through and don't take our word for it. If you have any suggestions on what we should be talking about next week comment in the stream or just DM me on LinkedIn.

And we'll see you next Monday at 9.30 am and have a great week! πŸ‘‹