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A new version of Swanly roadmapping and reporting app is live!

Before we start with Atlassian news we have an internal announcement. Last week Jexo released a new version of Swanly, roadmaping, planning, and reporting tool for Jira Cloud.

Swanly is a home for planning, tracking, and managing work in Jira as it centralizes access to information across Jira projects. The idea is to give you and your team easy to use roadmap where you can visualize and plan your work and automatically create reports where you can track work progress for each key activity.

Swanly can be used by any team from Product development, Marketing, Project management, or even release management teams.

If you're looking for a way to increase visibility over your projects and work in Jira and visualize your plan you can find Swanly on the Atlassian marketplace and give it a try.

Atlassian's Q3 FY21 letter to shareholders

Atlassian's focus continues on unleashing the potential of every team and break org silos with a unified collaboration platform. In the letter, they're talking about extra earnings due to Server discontinued and price increase for the Data center.

The subscription revenue grew year-by-year by 43% with cloud growth at 35% and Marketplace had a 104% year-by-year revenue growth primarily driven by the spike in Server app acquisitions.

Over Q3 Atlassian hired 365 new employees and the majority of them in R&D.Atlassian finished Q3 with $1.6 billion in cash flow and used half a billion in repurchasing a part of the notes in privately negotiated transactions.

Server to cloud migrations have doubled in Q3 and the free tier is starting to show significant value with an increased number of new users as well as conversion to larger paid tiers. This translates into 18,473 new cloud customers bringing the current total to 212,807. This is a significant growth compared to last quarter. Worth mentioning that the cloud user growth includes Trello.

And you can find here a mention about Point A, an accelerator program for R&D and concept products that get developed with the help of customers.

Team 21 had over 30,000 attendees where 70% was their first time attending the Atlassian event.

A preview into Team Central pricing model

After an introduction of Team Central on team 21 people raised a lot of questions about a beta program and what are the plans around pricing and releasing Team central to a wider audience.

This community post openly talks about the future of team central and pricing models that are being considered.

The good news is that Team central will likely follow a Trello pricing model. That means that there will be a free version with some feature or user limits. But these limits will be much higher than what Jira free has where you get products for free for up to 10 users.

There will be Standard and Premium options that will bring features that are needed for specific teams and more enterprise customers like private projects, custom fields, and so on.

If you were on a fence with Team central if you should start trialing it in your organization because you weren't sure if the product is going to stay and what are the pricing options in the future this should bring a little bit more clarity.

Introducing new Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management is part of Atlassian's mission to more connected teams by enabling non-technical teams to work in the same ecosystem.The app was launched during Team 21 and is available for everyone today.

Jira Work Management allows you to visualize your work in 5 different views:

  • List view (spreadsheet-like),
  • Calendar view,
  • Timeline,
  • Board,
  • and Forms.

The focus of the tool is time-to-value, it's easy to set up with over 23 new project templates available and the ability to share or clone existing projects into new ones. And it's boosting productivity with free unlimited Automation capabilities.

Jira Work Management's underlying architecture is the same as Jira Software and Jira Service Management which means it integrates nicely with its siblings allowing for cross-team collaboration and reporting.

Agility is for all teams – and now, so is Jira

This article shows where a new Jira Work Management sits along with the other Atlassian products. While reading this you can clearly see and understand the Atlassians shift from focusing mostly on IT and DevOps team to now being more inclusive and welcome also non-technical teams and create tools for everyone in your organization.

Atlassian announced the "Open DevOps" that allows you to start a new Jira software project with Bitbucket, Opsgene, and Confluence already preconfigured and easily integrate with partners like Snyk.

There is also a mention about Jira Product Discovery which is a new tool dedicated mainly to Product managers to explore and work on ideas before they're moved to the development.

Approval by email in Jira Service Management is here!

Now you can approve requests coming from Jira Service Management directly from the comfort of your inbox. The feature is also quite customizable allowing you to choose if the user must be signed into Jira to approve and the text template used for the approval emails.

A conversation on the future of work with the CEOs of Slack and Zoom

In this conversation with CEOs of Atlassian, Slack, and Zoom - Mike, Steward, and Eric you'll learn about the impact of the past year on how organizations operate, what were the challenges and some great tips on how you can connect with your team and take care of teams mental health remotely.  

With great collaboration tools that help us connect during pandemic we also started seeing more burnout as people weren't able to disconnect from work.   For some it might be very hard to draw the line where the workday starts and finishes, therefore mental health is a very hot topic nowadays.

A few tips to help your teams mentioned in the interview are:

  • Friyays! - having one Friday off each month
  • Meeting free Wednesdays  
  • Or a creative refresh day - where everyone gets a day off to do something creative like painting, pottery, music, writing anything really it doesn't need to be work-related it just needs to be creative and at the end of the day they share the results with the team.