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New Atlassian University experience coming soon!

Atlassian is launching a new Atlassian University experience on June 17th, 2021. The Atlassian university will have a new URL, look, and also new courses.

If you're currently in the middle of some course or certification then you don't need to worry, your progress and course will be moved to a new university experience and you can continue from there. If you purchased and used some Training credits in the past then you might want to join this webinar where you'll learn how to buy and use credits in the new experience.

The new Insight API

Atlassian launched the integrated API for the Insight tool. Insight, a very popular Asset Management app, was acquired not too long ago by Atlassian and integrated into Jira Service Management. This new API should help you connect Insight data with other third-party applications.

Atlassian is also planning to build integrations for Insight with third-party applications. You can share with Atlassian which third-party apps integration you would use in this survey.

A new Confluence home page early access program

The Confluence team is looking for participants to try out a new version of the Confluence home page.

If you apply to the early access program your confluence home page will be switched to a new look for 3 weeks, you can then work with it together with your team and give feedback and raise bugs to the Atlassian team directly. The requirements are that your team uses Confluence Cloud at least once a week and all your team need to be on board as a new home page will be switched on for everyone.

👉Fill out the form to get access to a new Confluence home page.

Atlassian announces a new development platform Forge

Atlassian has officially announced the general availability of the Forge developer platform.If you have not heard about Forge yet then this article clearly explains what it is and you can also learn what are the first apps in the Atlassian Marketplace build with Forge.

Forge is a new Cloud app development platform creating a better, safer, and scalable cloud ecosystem to benefit both customers and developers.

Atlassian announced Forge - new cloud development platform
Atlassian announced Forge

A peek into Marketplace’s new app listing page

The announcement which none of the Atlassian marketplace partners should miss. Atlassian announced the launch of a new design of the app listing pages that will be rolled out gradually over June.

A difference between old and new designs is mainly in how are highlight highlights distributed on the page. In an old version, all 3 highlights sections and video available at glance. In a new version highlights will be structured one under the other so to read more information about the app, you need to scroll.

Atlassian marketplace listing is getting a new look
New design of Atlassian marketplace app listing

📚 The article of the week: 3 signs your team doesn’t have an ownership mindset and what to do about it

The article talks about the dangers of not empowering your teams to feel responsible and take decisions. Prior to the Chernobyl disaster operators informed management that the condition wasn't right for the test they were asked to do. However, they were overruled by a manager whose agenda was completely different. And we all know the level of destruction that this caused.

Often we talk about team members being empowered to take ownership. But often this is seen as a stigma. What many managers mean when giving ownership to an individual or team is that you are to deliver the work and respond if things go wrong. But the critical bit is often omitted or excluded which is decision-making empowerment.

This article talks about the clear signs the team is disengaged and feels no responsibility towards the work and ways to correct it. Learn how to help your team own the work they carry on freeing you up for the big-picture strategy.