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Multiple authentication policies available in Atlassian Access

Atlassian announced the rollout of a new feature for the Atlassian Access product: Multiple authentication policies. With this feature, you get much-needed flexibility around your policies to take your standards to the next level.

Some of the things you can do with this feature:

  • Enabling SSO for specific users only,
  • Enforcing two-step auth for admins only
  • Creating different policies for different domains.

Atlassian Team Tour 2021

Atlassian Team tour is now open, you can register and watch the sessions as they're released from May to September 2021. The sessions are grouped into 4 miniseries: Work management, Enterprise, Modern Development and IT, and Practises for the modern workspace.

You can register for free and watch the sessions as they're released.  The closest session that is happening on 25th May 2021 under the Work management called "Introducing the Loop: A framework for predictable comms in an unpredictable world".

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Request for feedback: Jira/Confluence Cloud sandbox capabilities

In October last year Atlassian introduced the Sandbox feature for Premium and Enterprise customers. You can have an extra Jira instance for testing purposes with the same users you have in production. Until recently these Sandbox environments were created empty but now they introduced the ability to copy product data as well, except for files and apps data.

From the post, it looks like Atlassian is already working on a way to have the apps the customer paid for in production in a sandbox as well but there are no plans for the app data migration strategy yet. If you build apps in the marketplace and have thoughts about this feel free to join the conversation on the community thread.

Calling Interview Participants for Confluence Analytics 📈

The confluence team is making improvements to Analytics for Confluence and is looking for feedback in this area. If you're using Confluence and you're using a feature and want to participate you can comment on this community post. The feedback session takes 60 minutes and you'll get a 100$ gift card for your time.

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Appfire acquires Anova Apps & Beecom Services joins Eficode

Appfire has purchased 46 apps from Anova Apps. Anova Apps is part of Cprime, Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. Anova Apps have over 20.000 installs across all apps that are mostly focuser on Server. The expectation with this acquisition is that the apps will continue to evolve, grow cloud counterparts and integrate with the rest of the Appfire suite.

Beecom apps division was also acquired not long ago by Appfire and the brand was in the news again last week after the service part of the business got acquired by Eficode, a Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.

Bamboo Data Center - Early Access Program

Bamboo for Data Centre early access program is now available for existing customers. Bamboo is continuous integration, deployment, and delivery platform for the Jira server.

The early access program license is for 1000 agents and expires on 31st July 2021. The capacity of this early access program is limited, based on a first-come, first-served basis.

Introducing flexible terminology for Jira Software Data Center

In Jira Data Center you can now change the terminology of entities with ease. For example, you can change Epics to be called Features aligning your team to use a common language.

If you use Jira Align and want to adopt the terms used in that product you can. There's a Terminology screen in the administration where you can assign the word in single and plural use. Once an entity is changed, Jira shows a little popup close to the issue type field informing users that this was previously called differently.

Updates to Jira Cloud's new issue view in the past year

This Atlassian community article summarizes changes done to a new issue view past year and they also mention what improvements are currently in the works. From the upcoming improvements, there are:

  • custom field descriptions,
  • an activity tab that will summarize all activity including history and comments in one place,
  • and field groups.

Atlassian mobile apps are enterprise-ready with Mobile Device Management

The arrival of the Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature means your organization can now control or restrict certain actions on your enterprise Atlassian mobile apps.

For example with MDM, you can control app users ability to copy and paste data from Jira to other apps, taking screenshots, restrict logging with accounts from outside org, prevent from backing up app data, etc.

This level of control should encourage more enterprise-level, security-conscious organizations to make use of the mobile apps with their teams.

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