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Atlassian Partner Program specializations for cloud, agile at scale, and ITSM

Last year Atlassian introduced cloud requirements for partners that were also focusing more on accreditation and certification rather than reselling.

The latest Atlassian announcement about the Atlassian partner's specialization in Cloud feels like a natural progression towards the value-added approach. Atlassian plans to offer benefits, recognition, and incentives for partners that get specialized in Agile at Scale, cloud, and ISTM and go through a proper training and accreditation process.

Go meet-less with Confluence

Last week we talked about the "meet-less" badge you can earn this month on the Atlassian user community but the meet-less theme seemed to turn into a proper campaign. Last week Atlassian was sharing this "meet-less" landing page where you can learn how to use Confluence to reduce team meetings and make your team more productive on social media.  

Atlassian News: Go meet-less with Confluence
Go meet-less with Confluence

The argument in the campaign is that 67% of workers say that having too many meetings distracts them from their job but also 71% of managers find meetings unproductive and inefficient. When both parties aren't happy then we can surely do something about it, right?

Webinar: What's new in Atlassian Access

The Atlassian Access is the product for centralized security and user access management across cloud products and there have been several new features introduced lately. Sandy and Jonathon from the Access team will talk about these shiny new features and use cases on the webinar on 18/19th May 👉 you can register for free here.

Dark mode for Trello mobile apps is launching in May!

Great news!  🎉 Trello is rolling out dark mode for Android and iOS mobile apps. Finally, when you get to write down an idea or task in your Trello app in the evening the whole screen won't lighten up the whole room. The rollout happens on the 26th of May so stay tuned a give dark mode a try afterward.

This release also brings buttons that you created for the Butler automation from the web to mobile.

New features in Jira Work Management: Team Priority queues

The latest improvements to Jira Work Management bring the ability to create queues under a section called "Team Priority".  This is a great way to tag queues of common interest to your teams, like SLA breaches or Incidents.This feature announcement mentions all your "Other" queues are automatically moved to "Team Priority". If you don't want some of the queues in there you'll have to drag them back to "Other". It's also worth mentioning that the number notification is going away from the "Other" category.

Article of the week: 7 ways a hybrid work model could fail (and how to avoid them)

Many leaders and companies today are reimagining how they will work in the future- if their employees are going to work only from the office, fully remote or they'll go with a hybrid model. Atlassian ran a poll where they collected over 7000 votes and the result was that majority of people (62%) would like to work under a hybrid model and 32% would like to work from home only.  

This article is structured as premortem (it's like a postmortem but nothing really went wrong yet) and you can learn the main themes that could go wrong when companies reimagine how they work and tips on how to avoid them.