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Atlassian Developer Day 2021

Atlassian Developer Day is fast approaching so don't forget to register (it's free!).

The event is focused on Forge, the future of cloud development in the Atlassian ecosystem. If you're an Atlassian developer you won't want to miss these sessions. You'll learn about what's coming next for Forge as well as addressing the Forge-Connect interlock.

Biro Florin, Jexo's CEO, is contributing to the event as part of a discussion panel about Atlassian Ventures where he'll be talking about our experience with getting funded by Atlassian, the process, why Jexo decided to go with Atlassian, and how this funding helps accelerate Jexo's growth.

If you're looking for funding to kick start or grow an Atlassian Marketplace business you don't want to miss this session on 25th May 2021 at the Developer Day.

A full list of IT conferences in 2021

Deviniti created a nice list of IT conferences happening this year focused on Agile and Project management.

One of the first events mentioned is Jira Day 2021 which as the name suggests is a conference focusing on the Atlassian ecosystem.  This year the sessions cover topics like PMO, QA, Migrations, Reporting, and others. The conference is happening online and it's free.

Changes to Atlassian accounts managed via Google Workspace

From the 6th of May 2021, Atlassian is checking that all users managed via Google Workspace belong to the Workspace directory. If you use Google auth to provide access to your Jira or Confluence you might want to make sure that all your Google Workspace belongs to a Directory.

The relationship between Team Central and Jira

In this community post, you'll find an explanation about the Team Central relationship with Jira.  

To summarize, Team Central was built as a communication tool across teams and projects with an idea to keep information high level. From an article, it seems like some people asked for an aggregated reports of story points and time tracking in relation to OKRs in Team central which is not yet possible.

In the post, it's mentioned that the addon that enables you to link Jira epics to Team central projects and keep the information synchronized is now in internal testing.

Appfire Acquires Lizard Brain

Last week Appfire acquired the portfolio of apps from LizzardBrain and from the wording in the announcement it seems like Vitalii is joining as an advisor. LizzardBrain is a marketplace partner best known for the very popular Planning Poker app but they have a wide and varied range of other apps too.

New Atlassian community badge alert 🚨

A quick announcement for Atlassian community badge hunters!  This month's special badge is the "Meet-less" badge that promotes a healthy balanced work diet.

To get the badge you need to take part in the Meet-less challenge every Monday during May 2021 and the topic is as you can probably guess meetings, how to reduce them and make more productive.

Introducing Atlassian Open DevOps

Open DevOps was officially announced at the end of last month but this community post clearly explains what it is.

Open DevOps simply enables teams with the tools they need to build, ship, and operate the software. This is not a new product, but mainly putting a name and a roof over activities that have been in motion for a while now.

The hub is Jira Project and integration with Opsgenie and BitBucket. Now you can check who's on a support call, the deployments and code tabs integrating with Bitbucket data, and so on.  

For those of us that are heavily working with Jira and other tools to develop products, these recent additions are valuable, time-saving, and help centralize data across all activities. Is nice to see all this being advertised with a coherent message.

Article of the week from Trello's blog

And finally article of the week! This time from Trello's blog with a title: "How To Leverage The 7 Types Of Rest To Be Your Happiest, Most Productive Self".

The article talks about different types of rest like Physical, Mental, Sensory, Social, and so on. And it gives you tips on how to figure out which type of rest you need most now.

It's a great read that makes you aware of how to helps yourself and also explains why you might feel even more exhausted when you're laying down on the sofa in front of the TV for hours.