The meeting session where product owners/product managers discuss and prioritize backlog items with the rest of the team can be a bit of a drag. But, it’s a great way nonetheless to improve development processes for product teams so they can deliver better products. How do you make them see that?

😓 Problem

Teams usually dream of avoiding the backlog refinement meeting, as they’d rather spend their time doing "real work".

🤔 Why do it?

If you could save your teams a lot of time by skipping endless discussions and putting things into perspective, wouldn’t you do it? How about a process that you could use every time?

🤓 How Foxly can help

The Priority planning poker game in Foxly is designed to make meetings quicker, more efficient and a little bit more fun!

The process

You can speed up the prioritization process with the team by using Foxly and Priority planning poker.

  1. You save time by allowing everyone to secretly share their opinion at the same time; then by taking into account the average result, you’re sure to include everyone.
Foxly prioritization plugin for Jira allows everyone vote on priorities and shows average result
See results of your planning poker

2. You can also spend extra time on the outliers by looking at individual votes on the results page. Then discuss those results with the team, if the votes are off, so you can ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Results of Jira planning poker game in Foxly
See individual votes

3. In Foxly, you’re able to use filters to create separate backlogs that can be discussed in separate prioritization sessions.

Create different Jira planning poker sessions for the teams and stakeholders in Foxly
Create different planning poker sessions for the teams and stakeholders

🤩 Why Foxly is the best for you?

When compared to classic planning poker, where the development team estimates by using story points only, Foxly’s Priority planning poker takes into consideration more than one factor (time estimation of the delivery team).
Foxly allows you to involve stakeholders from various contexts, concluding in better decision-making as to what it is you should pick up next.

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