The speed of change is insane; anyone who’s in business today feels this huge pressure to deliver while juggling everyday reality. And if you’re constantly in that state, it gets very easy to lose track of the bigger picture…

Meet Suri - project RAG status reporting app for Jira

What's in here?

A simple intro to the latest Jexo super app, Suri 🤩 and why it's the perfect solution to managing your project/product at the highest level. Also, you'll find 3 reviews on Suri!

Why the big picture?

If you were to hike up a mountain and look down at the village below you in the valley, you’d notice the new bridge they’re building, the old road they’re fixing, the newest bakery; you’ll even see the types of birds flying over town at this time of year.

My point? The moment you consider the big picture, instead of spending all of your time in the valley, solving problems and zooming in on the everyday grind, you gain a new perspective; a bird's-eye view of everything. 👁️✨

Big-picture thinking is about knowing what to focus on, prioritize, so you can budget your time efficiently, manage stress levels across the team, and create goals you can achieve.

What tool can I use for the big picture in Jira?

If you’re a project manager who works at the micro level, you should be fairly comfortable putting together maybe's and experiments; but if you’ve got a whole app on your mind, then you probably should:

  • look at all the parts in your app, and how they work together
  • prioritize features and hypotheses
  • align your initiatives with strategy and vision

So, how would you manage your product in Jira at the higher level?

Meet Suri - your project RAG status app

Suri is a project RAG status and portfolio reporting app built for Jira Cloud, that you can use to easily track big picture progress on your projects from a single place.

Track your project RAG status with Suri
Track project RAG status

We built Suri during the Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon last year; it’s our first Forge app to get published in the marketplace.

What is RAG status?

RAG (RAG rating, RAG status, Delivery Confidence Assessment) is a traffic light-based system that showcases the status of a project and/or tasks; RAG stands for Red, Amber, Green. Red is used when projects require immediate attention, amber is a bit of a warning, and green is good to go.  

How does Suri help you keep track of the big picture in Jira?

1. Manage everything from a single place

Suri allows project and portfolio managers to see overall progress, as well as the changes made to projects at the macro level, without ever having to access Jira projects directly.

Simple dashboard to track project RAG status
Suri dashboard

2. Access info across Jira projects

Suri allows managers to oversee activity across projects, spot projects with no activity or requiring attention, and reach out to project assignees for info or updates.

3. Get RAG status on your projects

With Suri, you can create instant RAG status reports on any of your Jira projects, and get status updates whenever you want.

4. Know your project’s RAG status history

Find out the history of your RAG statuses in a simple modal where you can find who it was that reported on a certain project status, when they did, and what the update was about.

5. Assess the health and progress of your projects

To assess the health and progress of your projects, Suri takes you through a few metrics:

  • Number of epics, stories, and bugs that were created for a project
  • Distribution of the issues in status categories - Done, In Progress, Open
  • Issue activity in the last 7 days (Updated, Created, Moved to Done)
  • Issue activity today
  • Number of bugs per status category
RAG status, epics, stories, bugs, activity at a glance with Suri
Track project activity

6. Set up Suri in no time

One thing we really wanted to achieve while building our app Suri was to make the setup for it super easy; and we succeeded! Once you install the app, that’s it, you’re done; all of your Jira information is then automatically pulled in and you’re good to go.

Suri as we move forward

At the moment, our main focus for Suri is the RAG status report, but we do have big plans for this app!

We plan on turning Suri into a reporting hub that you can then connect to our other Jira apps like Foxly, Swanly and Octo to bridge your reporting across them all. Isn’t that exciting?!

Suri is available in the Atlassian marketplace, and as is the case with all of our Marketplace apps, Suri is free for up to 10 users, with payment bundles starting at user 11.

Watch Suri video review by James Seddon