Who can make use of this template

This template is particularly conceived for internal marketing teams that manage their work in Jira cloud and are focused on inbound and content marketing as drivers of demand generation.
It can also be a useful artifact for marketing agencies who want to onboard their customers on a content generation process over which they can still retain a sense of ownership.

One of the most daunting jobs for internal marketing departments is to properly decide how they will spend their budget, where will their efforts go. What will move the needle? What will have an impact? πŸ€”

Prioritization is not an exclusive problem of product development: focusing on the right demand generation actions is the only way to sustain marketing ROI.

⚠️ Note that the reference to demand generation as opposed to lead generation is intentional: using this template should help you create fewer leads that convert better through highly relevant content - as opposed to generating thousands of e-book downloads that never try your product or services.

Prioritization Template for Social Media manager

Content marketing

Number of metrics


Priority factors

All priority factors have to be built into Foxly using label metrics. Follow the guide below:

Target Audience

Relevance: Is the content focused on the needs and pain points of the target audience, or is it based on the features of your offering?

1- Feature-based
2- Balanced
3- Need-based

Customer Centric: What percentage of your target audience is experiencing this problem?

1- Less than 20%
2- Between 21% and 50%
3- More than 50%


Evergreen: Will this piece retain its value overtime?

1- No, it will be out of date in a month or two
2- Yes, but it will have to be updated
3- Yes, it will still be valid a year or two from now

Actionable: Are you offering practical instructions with which your customers can solve the problem?

1- No, it’s mainly educational
2- There are some instructions in the content
3- Yes, the content is entirely actionable

The priority score formula

The formula will simply sum the four metrics and rank your demand generation actions from a minimum of 4 score points to a maximum of 12.

Priority score = Relevance + Customer centric + Evergreen + Actionable

How to prioritize demand generation actions in Foxly

Foxly is a prioritization app for Jira Cloud that allows you to create custom prioritization templates and prioritize your backlog directly in Jira.

To prioritize demand generation actions in Foxly you need to first create a new template in Foxly with Relevance, Customer-centric, Evergreen, Actionable metrics.

Setting up metrics for content prioritization in Foxly in Jira
Setting up metrics for content prioritization in Foxly

And sum up all metrics in the priority score formula.

Create custom priority scoring for your marketing activities in Jira with Foxly
Custom priority score in Foxly

Once you prepared your template, start assigning metrics to each content priority in Jira and the Priority score will be automatically calculated. The higher the priority score, the better chance you have to generate higher demand for your content.

Prioritize content for demand generation in Jira with Foxly

✍🏼 Who wrote this blueprint?

This blueprint was written by Jaime Capitel from Resolution. If you're interested in writing your own, message us at marketing@jexo.io!

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