Collecting and storing product feedback is a very important step in feature prioritization. After all, feature requests are the basis upon which new features are built.

😓 Problem

When a product is released (internally or to customers) you start getting feedback; and the merrier, the better. A lot of feedback means that people are interacting with your product, but it can get messy quickly if you don't have a way to properly collect, store and organize your customer feedback.

🤔 Why you should include customer feedback in product prioritization

Customer feedback is great for validating your product vision and future roadmap. Although many product-led teams today don't deliver all customer feedback to avoid a feature trap, it is still an essential piece of information in your product research.

Having a system in place can help manage customer ideas and feedback, providing you with the data points you need to prioritize features and create the product roadmap.

🤓 How Foxly helps with customer feedback prioritization

Foxly will allow you to include feedback into your product feature priority scores as you prioritize the product backlog.

The process

  1. First, process customer feedback. Raw feedback cannot go directly into a project backlog because it’s not in the right format; it wasn't researched or designed, and it's not yet clear what's going to be the exact action on this feedback.

2. Create a Jira project where all of your feedback is stored as "feedback" tickets

Store Customer Feedback in Jira and Prioritize with Foxly
Customer feedback in Jira project

3. Once a week, group your feedback into "features" using the Link issue in Jira.

Link customer feedback to feature in Jira
Link customer feedback to feature in Jira

4. Use Foxly to prioritize these features. One of the best prioritization frameworks to use here is RICE.

Customized RICE prioritization method in Foxly Jira Prioritizationg plugin
Customized RICE prioritization method

5. Include the number of linked "feedback" tickets as “number of votes” into a RICE prioritization formula. For that, use custom fields in Foxly and Automation for Jira. 👉 Watch this tutorial for a step-by-step automation setup.

Automatically collect votes on your Customer feedback with Automation fro Jira
Automatically collect votes

6. Once you’ve got your priority scores for all features, view them in descending order and choose the features with the highest scores.

Prioritizing features in Jira with Foxly Prioritization Jira plugin
Prioritize features in Jira with Foxly

👉 For the step-by-step walkthrough of the setup, watch our Intro to Product feedback prioritization.

🤩 Why Foxly is the best for you?

Jira is where your day-to-day work happens. This means that by staying in Jira, you can further track the progress of the feature you’re working on as it’s being developed.
Moreover, Jira connects well with Confluence where you can store your research and complex details, while your Jira ticket can serve as a true, single source of feedback for any given feature.

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