Features prioritization isn’t just about stacking a bunch of backlog features in a specific order; there’s much more that goes into it. Shortening your list of feature requests and identifying quick wins before moving on to the product roadmap is actually tricky.

😓 Problem

How to create a product roadmap out of a long backlog of features you need to choose from and prioritize? Are you even working on the right things?

🤔 Why should I care about product prioritization?

If you don’t prioritize the right features, you’ll end up spending time, effort and money building the wrong things. This ultimately leads to a higher churn rate, low conversion rate, and low customer satisfaction.

🤓 How Foxly can help

Use Foxly to put together a simple system or structure to your product prioritization process, so you can select the right features needed for your product roadmap.

The process

Once you’ve installed Foxly, you can find it under the Priorities tab in your project menu. The first screen you’ll see is a priority table, with all of your Jira issues in the project.

Prioritize your product feature in Jira with Foxly
Find Foxly Priorities table in your Jira projects

Use the Issue type filter to filter your backlog list so you end up with the stories you’d like to prioritize only; in this case, you’re prioritizing the features of a specific product.

Filter your Jira backlog to get the right view in Foxly Jira prioritization plugin
Filter your backlog to get the right view

In order to prioritize your product backlog and set a process that you’ll be using later on when prioritizing other features for example, it’s important to go through the different types of metrics/factors important to your product prioritization.

Features could be:

  • Development effort
  • Impact that the feature you’re about to develop is going to have on customers
  • How confident your team is to deliver a particular feature
Predefined prioritization frameworks that you can customize in Foxly Jira prioritization plugin
Predefined prioritization frameworks that you can customize

There are 5 predefined prioritization templates in Foxly

If you’re just starting with your product prioritization process and want something simple, you can use the Value vs. Effort method; Effort will be assigned by developers or the delivery team, while Value can be assigned by product owners or stakeholders.

Value vs. Effort method in Foxly Jira Prioritization plugin
Value vs. Effort method

You can choose your prioritization template, or customize your own by choosing the metrics that suit your product and the weighted score formula that makes sense.

👉 Learn more about how to create your own weighted scoring formula

Once you’ve chosen the product prioritization template that works best, you need to assign the metrics, either from Foxly or by clicking on the issue itself in the backlog.

Prioritize Jira issues directly in Foxly table
Prioritize issues directly in Foxly table

You can also click on the Foxly panel to see Foxly metrics and score. You can also assign priority from the issue view.

Foxly Priorities in Jira Issue detail
Foxly Priorities in Jira Issue detail

Once you have prioritized your features backlog, order them from highest to lowest so you can see the most impactful features at the top.

Order Issues by Priority Score in Foxly JIra Prioritization plugin
Order Issues by Priority Score

You can then use the Priority matrix to identify the low-hanging fruit tasks (highest impact, lowest effort).

Jira Priority Matrix in Foxly Prioritization plugin for Jira
Priority Matrix

🤔 Why use Foxly for prioritizing?

Roadmaps are already available in Jira; moreover, features and stories can be prioritized in Jira itself. It's best if your priorities are connected to your day to day work in Jira, so you can avoid duplication and having to maintain data across different systems. Using Foxly is a more efficient solution than using another tool just for product roadmap creation or features prioritization.

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