There’s a nice quote by motivational speaker Les Brown that says: “help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours”; well… it kind of goes both ways, right? 🙂

We’ve been blessed 🙏 with a growing platform; and we’re thrilled that we can now use our platform to help pave the way for positive change in the lives of others - which is the ultimate recipe to a happy life, I’d say.  

What's in here?

The PM72 Summit: what it is, why we're doing it, who's in on it, and why you should be excited! 🤩

What is the PM72 Summit?

The PM72 Summit is a global, virtual, 72-hour project management event aimed at sharing practices and ideas, as well as bringing awareness of PM potential in the Atlassian ecosystem; all the while raising much-needed donations for charity. The Summit is organized by Jexo, in partnership with Resolution and Old Street Solutions, and will take place on the 13, 14 and 15th of June.

It may have taken Fogg 80 days, but we’re doing it in 72 hours! 😁

PM72 - digital conference for project management
PM72 - digital conference for project management

What are the objectives of PM72?

The PM72 Summit is based on 3 main objectives:

  • Teach project management practices
  • Raise money for charity
  • Bring awareness to the Atlassian tools and solutions

Who will benefit from attending the PM72 Summit?

Anyone with an internet connection (basically 😁) can enjoy the PM72 Summit, given it’s free to watch on YouTube! And, to be more specific, companies and individuals involved in the project management space, and who are:

  • Curious about project management
  • Looking for PM tools and solutions
  • Interested in networking opportunities
  • Hoping to make a difference through charity

How is the PM72 Summit structured?

The idea is to stream 72 hours of non-stop project management content across various time zones.

🎙️ Live & recorded discussion panels centered around PM

With topics related to risk management, marketing, change management, software, operations, teamwork processes (Agile teams), Atlassian tools, and use cases.

  • 40+ sessions with awesome speakers
  • Sessions running at different time zones
  • Average session is around 30 minutes

🎬  Recorded sessions & presentations by expert speakers

Some of our speakers so far include Jurgen Appelo, Rodney Nissen and some amazing people from companies like: Appfire, Easy Agile, e-Core, Moxie, DEISER, ALM Works, Atlassian, Elements, Valiantys, Decadis, JXL, Meetical, Umano, HelloClerk, Yasoon, K1ft, Seibert, and Scandio!

🕹️ Exciting activities, afterparties and games

To virtually entertain, network, teach and learn… where?

The answer is, but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

We rise by lifting others - Malala Fund

Our main goal for the PM72 Summit is to raise as many donations as possible for the Malala Fund, a platform that pushes for a more equal world where all girls can go to school. It’s only fair that these young girls get the opportunity to shape their own existence.  

Malala Fund logo - charity for girls around the world
Malala Fund

How does Malala Fund help girls succeed?

The team at Malala Fund focuses on 4 key ingredients:

  • They champion every girl’s right to 12 years of free, quality education
  • They invest in local education activists, in regions where most girls miss out
  • They advocate to hold leaders accountable for resources and policy changes
  • They amplify girls’ voices and share stories through their publications
Malala girls in school
Original photo: Alicia Vera for Malala Fund

How can I donate to the Malala Fund?

All donations amassed will go to the Malala fund, so we can help create a better life for the girls; what we’re offering in return is free and unique project management content you’ll find nowhere else!

To donate, please click here

Donations for Malala Fund charity - PM72 Summit
Donations for Malala Fund charity - PM72 Summit

There are branding opportunities available for the take, if you're able to donate a minimum of $500:

  • Jexo marketing across social media channels
  • Logo and link to website on the PM72 Landing Page
  • Session/event backdrop
  • Virtual networking platform
  • Press releases

For more on donor branding opportunities, please get in touch with us.

PM72 - bringing people together

When the world is silent - Malala quote
Malala Yousafzai quote

How can I apply to speak at PM72?

We’re inviting speakers from around the world to participate in the PM72 Summit. Our focus is on individuals/companies that can present new solutions to the attendees, demonstrating innovation in their approach to project management.

Please get in touch with us here to know more about the speaking opportunities available.

PM72 speakers and networking opportunities
Networking at PM72

What kind of networking opportunities should I expect?

Networking is the number one unwritten rule of success in business, and so we’re making sure there’s plenty of virtual networking opportunities for you at the PM72 Summit.

  • Speakers and donors can organize workshops in virtual spaces
  • Attendees can mingle and ask questions about the presentations
  • Fun activities connect people and add salt & pepper to the mix
  • Branding opportunities are available for featured donors

It’s true that we cannot direct the wind as we please… but we can always adjust the sails as they say. If we care enough, we really can change the world!