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[Biro] Hello. Good morning Biro here.

[Nikki] Good morning. I'm Nikki.

[Biro] And this is the Monday coffee with Jexo, where we look, we scan through last week's updates and news in the Atlassian ecosystem. And just give you a shot of what's been happening with respectively. This is going to be a short thing. We don't want to take too much time off your day. But hopefully, you can join us for a coffee and a chat. There's a chat somewhere in here. So you can comment on the things that we'll address. All right. So I just want to make sure that everything is working because it's, this is take number two.

[Nikki] Technology is failing us today.

[Biro] Failing us. Yes. We had a bit of a failed pilot start at nine. So we're a bit late. Let me just have a quick look, make sure everything is running peachy fine. So the first topic that we are going to talk about is an update you on is Atlassian's acquisition of Chartio. And this is actually something that probably a lot of people have been chatting about towards the end of last week when it was announced. Chartio is a powerful data visualization tool. It was a standalone tool. I looked on their website now and they mentioned that they're going away... which it's interesting. It kind of sounds like Atlassian has decided not to keep Chartio as a standalone tool and they're planning to integrate it with all of their products. It's going to be interesting to see how this unfolds and from this acquisition announcement, when we're going to start seeing some of those awesome charting reports created with Chartio. It's also going to be interesting to see how it impacts apps in the ecosystem, like easyBI or Custom charts.

[Nikki] I'm pretty excited about this one because I personally quite like charts and data visualization and something like that is really missing in Jira from my point of view. And I think they might come up with quite good, easy to use and powerful solutions with Chartio. So I'm really curious about how that is going to unfold.

[Biro] Yeah, me too. Let's see. It's the thing that I'm most curious of is from this announcement, when we're going to see the first signs, the first glimpses of features with Chartio. Because sometimes I have the feeling that they announced these partnerships when they're halfway through the implementation phase or something like that. So yeah, it's going to be interesting. Let's move on to the next topic, which is the Trello brand refresh...

[Nikki] Yes, Trello brand refresh. Two weeks ago, Trello announced quite exciting news that they're including new features - new views in their product. At the time Trello was basically just a Kanban board with a lot of customizations and integrations, which is really good, easy to use tool, and easy to adopt. So people and teams loved it, but it was still missing something. And now Trello has a lot of new features, like a timeline view, calendar view list view, and dashboards for simple analytics. So it really looks like Trello is stepping on the other big companies in the same space. And I think they are quite a good competitor to them now with these new features. And it's just the beginning, as they say, in the article, they are going to improve on these Views quite a lot. So I think they're quite nice solutions, which they are providing now and the calendar view is really, really nice. I liked it.

[Biro] Yeah. It seems that this is a massive launch for Trello. I think with this addition, you can now run small to medium-sized projects and portfolios in Trello, which is awesome. And also because it has a public-facing aspect of it, it's going to be interesting to see how organizations use some of those new views to communicate changes.And I think Atlassian is also making a statement with this launch. In the past when they acquired Trello, I was quite sceptical about the acquisition. I was thinking that eventually Trello will die down and some of the features from Trello will start popping up in JIRA. But I think with this announcement and this launch, Atlassian is making a statement that Trello is well and here to stay. So it proved me wrong to put it like that. πŸ˜„ All right, cool. The next one was the Trello brand refresh.

[Nikki] Hand to hand with Trello's new features, there's also a complete brand refresh. We found this series of tweets from Leah, who was the design lead on this project. The project took 1.5 years to complete, but the result is really amazing. In the series of 10 short tweets, she describes how the whole process looked like and what was the timeline. It's quite interesting to see what were her challenges and what exactly they were doing in order to rebrand the whole Trello. And she mentioned that one of the main challenges or hardest challenges she had was the change management at the end, which I can really believe was very hard, and the buy-in from the stakeholders.

[Biro] And this is, this is actually quite interesting. The thing is, I think that's not a novelty having these type of happenings in terms of stakeholders pulling in a different direction than designers or creative teams and such. It's a common thing, I don't think it only happens to Atlassian and I've seen it quite often. The other thing it does now look closer to Atlassian main products. Does it not, or am I just imagining things?

[Nikki] Yeah. I definitely think that the main logo now, the whole font is very Atlassian-like. It's much closer to what is already there from the Atlassian offering. But the actual images on their landing pages and still a little bit on the blog, they have a little bit different color scheme and they're a little bit more playful. So I still think that the target audience there might be a little bit different. It's definitely more fresher, I think.

[Biro] Yeah. I think the font looks very similar, maybe the thickness different, so they do try to differentiate a bit.

[Nikki] But the result looks really nice.

[Biro] Yes, it is. But I think you're enjoying it more than me. I'm more like that - "Yeah. Okay. Whatever design stuff"

[Nikki] I really like that pink gradient, it's really nice.

[Biro] So next up the marketplace feedback program. This was more of an announcement for new app vendors and developers in the ecosystem. I actually participated in "phase one" of this marketplace feedback program at the end of last year. I think I had a chat with Caitlin about our experience in starting in the Atlassian ecosystem and publishing our first app and things that went well, things that didn't go so good. So that was a nice thing for us to get involved in. And on the back of Kaitlin's research, I think there was a post, like a research post with things, behaviors and things like that. And I'm also seeing this, it seems like this is "phase two" of that, where they're widening the scope and it seems like the program is a bit more comprehensive now.

[Biro] There's also a nice $400 reward for participating in this. So if you're a newcomer in the Atlassian ecosystem and want to give feedback and have the time for it, please do check out this post and submit your interest. I think it's, it's a great thing because it signals the fact that they care about how you get started in the Atlassian ecosystem. And soon enough, we'll probably see some, some significant changes, hopefully. So that's that please find the link in the description for that. Nikki, do you want to talk about the Atlassian team '21?

[Nikki] Yes, definitely. So speaking of the Atlassian community on the user community, I found a post from Bridget. First of all, what is the Atlassian team '21? You might not hear this name in the Atlassian ecosystem before, but basically, last year was the last year of the Atlassian summit. And this year with the new decade, they are rebranding to Atlassian team '21. Anyways, Atlassian summit itself wasn't that much about their product anymore. So it made sense to rebrand the whole event. And now Atlassian is focusing more and more on unleashing the potential of every team, which is the Atlassian main mission. The event is online. It's free if you attended on a day of the event, and if you would like to unlock the videos further, there's the scheme that you need to pay $50 for an "All-access" ticket, and you get some other perks with it as well, which is quite nice. I saw this with the other online events as well so this is nothing unusual. But if you are a member of an Atlassian user community, you can have a look at this post. We are going to include a link in the description. They mentioned there a discount code, which you can use when you're registering for the event, and you will get this "All-access" pass for free, and you don't need to pay that $50.

[Biro] Yeah, that's cool. And I was actually looking through the agenda, the talks and the topics, and it does seem on point with the rebranding calling it a Team. Because the majority of the topics talk about the team, team structure, how to use best practices, tools, and things like that. So it does seem like a very strong focus on teamwork, team collaboration type of topics. That should be really interesting. We're definitely going to watch it live here with our team. So grab your code. Okay, next up we have the article of the week and we're going to do this every week. We're going to scour the Atlassian internets and figure out what's the best article to recommend. I think it's getting close to a year now of being engulfed in this pandemic situation. And I thought it would be neat to share this article with you from the Trello blog.

[Biro] And it basically focuses on teaching leaders how to support to enable wellness in their workplace, currently digital remote workplace. And this article is written by the wellness coach, I think it's wellnesscoach.live. It's a new service and we'll link to that as well. There are a few perks around wellbeing and you have a Slack integration that can massively help. And there's also a free version of it. But the article is right on point in helping leadership think of and implement, as I mentioned, wellbeing support with their teams. God knows that you know, we're all affected now by this. You know, even as strong as you would be as an individual, or you would consider yourself strong, you're still affected. It's been a year and it's still going to be some time until we get back to normality. And I think we need to take care of our own as much as we can. So go through the article. Read that. It's really insightful.

[Nikki] I found it quite interesting. This is not the first article from Atlassian that is mentioning that people did work from home now and now are actually working longer hours. And then they don't even realize because the difference between, you know, the work time and the home time kind of disappeared. So it's really important to have some kind of routine and breaks.

[Biro] Yeah, I agree. Well, I think that's the most major thing. We do have a few bits here and there to keep our, our sanity and well-being. But I think we're going to start looking at some of the other things that were mentioned in articles and practising and just having that mindset and that attitude as a leader: "Well, how's my team and what can I do to make sure that Β I help as much as I can my team through these tough times" is important. And next.....

[Nikki] The last one is a podcast that's now trending under community. It's a podcast with the Atlassian founders, Mike and Scott, and they're describing their journey how they started Atlassian. There are some really funny stories from the beginnings. For example, Atlassian Support System never used the acronym for Atlassian Support System. And don't say it aloud πŸ˜‚. So it's really fun and it's nice listening. The podcast has one hour 15 minutes, I think. And I really did enjoy it so if you have time, you can listen in.

[Biro] Yeah. And especially if you're, let's say new to the Atlassian world and might not be familiar with Mike and Scott and with their story. This is a really good podcast to get acquainted with how Atlassian got to be, to put it like that.

[Biro] All right. That's kind of it for this week, we tried to keep it short and sweet. I've been monitoring here, it seems like everything went well with the recording and the technicalities. We'll try to do this every week on Monday at 9 in the morning. Have a wee bit of coffee and scan and go through the stuff that's been happening in the Atlassian ecosystem. So if you like getting information like this over a video and a chat, feel free to join us live and post your comments and such. We want to make this as interactive and engaging as possible. So thank you for watching and we'll see you next Monday.

[Nikki] Thank you, see you πŸ‘‹