Product stakeholders can be many, internal as well as external; from teams and team members to customers and partners. And they all have their input when it comes to product priorities.

😓 Problem

Prioritizing for the roadmap, i.e. prioritizing backlog features is hard to do on your own. And there is a high chance you won't do it right!

The effort required to implement a feature should be assessed by the development team first, before anyone else, to avoid unrealistic expectations, delays in product delivery, and disappointing your stakeholders.

🤔 Why you should include your team in roadmap prioritization

  • If the team is excluded from the estimation process, the product roadmap tends to carry unrealistic expectations.
  • If the team fails to meet what is planned on the product roadmap, then stakeholders and customers are disappointed.
  • If the team delivers too fast, then you’ll end up doing last-minute preparations to assign new features to those team members who aren’t occupied. It will lack the necessary research and you’ll end up with a lower quality product.

🤓 How Foxly helps include your team in prioritization process

Priority planning poker is a fun and easy way to get everyone on the team to equally contribute to the prioritization process by removing bias through voting; it’s a feature included in Foxly.

The process

The premise of Priority planning poker is simple:

  • The session admin leads the game
  • The team votes on metric values for every item being introduced (based on the prioritization technique agreed upon)
  • The final results are accepted, or votes are retaken  
Priority Planning Poker in Foxly - Jira Prioritization plugin
Priority Planning Poker in Foxly

Create a new Priority planning poker session by clicking on “Priority poker” at the top right of your Foxly screen. Name your game and select the metrics you would like to prioritize.

💡 Pro tip: You can split your prioritization session between your stakeholders and your team. Create two priority poker games then select only the metrics relevant to your team (eg. Effort, Confidence) and to your stakeholders (eg. Impact, Reach).

Pick issues for prioritization in Priority planning poker in Jira, Foxly
Pick issues for prioritization

Select the issues you want to prioritize and invite your team.

What you can do in Foxly Jira Priority Planing poker game?
Priority poker game layout

On your screen, you’ll be able to:

  • View all issues up for prioritization
  • See the people who have joined
  • Access ticket details
  • View the metrics panel
  • Skip turns
  • Submit votes

Your team then secretly votes on the priorities, and when ready, you can reveal the average result and dig deeper into individual votes if need be.

The results of planning poker game in Jira, Foxly
The planning poker game results

🤩 Why Foxly is the best for you

Everyone involved can access Foxly directly from Jira, where they anyway come and go on a daily basis. Foxly is a Jira app which means that it's much simpler to use in Jira, than say, any spreadsheet or third-party standalone product. No integration setup is needed.

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