First of all, make sure that your Jira project is a Scrum type, otherwise this won’t work.

Go to the backlog of your project, then click on the “Create sprint” button at the top of your backlog. Drag and drop the issues into your sprint, then click “Start sprint”. You can update the name if you want, and add a goal, then select the duration of your sprint and click “Start”. Keep in mind that you can create more than one sprint if you want to plan work many weeks in advance!

Creating Sprint in Jira step-by-step

  1. Make sure your Jira project is a Scrum type
  2. Go to the Backlog of your project
  3. Click the Create Sprint button at the top of the backlog
  4. Drag and drop issues from the backlog into your sprint
  5. Click Start sprint
  6. Update the Sprint name and add a Sprint goal if you want
  7. Select the Duration for the sprint
  8. Click Start
You can create more than one sprint, if you wish to plan work several weeks in advance.

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