Assign story points in Jira in company-managed project

  • First, enable the story points field if you can't find it in the Jira issue
  • Open Jira issue and click on the Configuration on the bottom right corner
  • In the issue layout screen check the Hidden fields section
  • If you can find Story points field in the Hidden fields drag and drop it to the view to enable it
  • If you can't find the Story points field here click on the link in the header "To add more fields, or configure field tabs for this screen, go to ..."
  • In the Configure issue screen scroll down and select Story points field from the dropdown
  • Now go back to Jira, open the issue, and find Story points field on the right side
  • Click on the field, add a number value and click outside to save. And you're done!

Assign story points in team-managed projects

  • First, enable the story points estimation in Project settings > Features > Estimation (Story points)
  • Open issue in Jira
  • Find Story points estimation field on the right side of the issue
  • Click into the field, add a number and you're done!

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