🚀 New improvements to the Atlassian products

10K Agents in Jira Service Management

Atlassian announced that Jira Service Management can now support up to 10,000 agents on a single Cloud instance, doubling the previous max of 5,000 agents.

And they're not stopping there! Atlassian also announced that they're currently looking for participants to join an early access program for up to 20,000 agents.

Embed Analytics Charts in Confluence

You can now embed Atlassian Analytics charts directly within your Confluence pages using Smart Links. You simply copy the link to the chart and paste it on your page in editing mode. Then you can select the CARD or EMBED view to display it in context for the rest of your team.

Bitbucket Syntax Highlighting

Bitbucket Labs introduces syntax highlighting on pull requests to improve code readability & collaboration. This experimental feature can be enabled in Labs settings, offering customizable themes & languages.

👀 Important announcements

Enabling Dark Theme for Apps

Not long ago Atlassian rolled out Dark mode theme for Jira. Starting today, March 27th, Jira Cloud enables theming of Marketplace apps built with Connect.

Apps will be themed if users enable light/dark themes if marketplace partners initialize theming.

Virtual Agent EAP

Atlassian is recruiting participants to test out their new AI-powered virtual agent! This will be a limited early access program and they're specifically looking for JSM Cloud or Enterprise customers who are active Slack users. Sign up in the post!

🗓 Events

  • Thursday (30th March 2023), there's a Forge Roadmap Webinar Q1 2023 hosted by Atlassian Developers that provides insight into Forge's latest updates, features, and future plans.
  • Tomorrow (28th March 2023) in Paris, Spectrum Groupe is hosting an in-person event called Petit déjeuner Thématique Atlassian where attendees can learn about the latest Atlassian solutions from Platinum Atlassian experts.
  • On 29th March 2023, Herzum, Inc. is hosting a live webinar called Automatización de seguridad en Atlassian, which discusses the automation of security in Atlassian's development pipeline.
  • This Thursday, (30th March 2023) Avant is hosting a live webinar showcasing how Jira Work Management can help various teams achieve high-velocity work.
  • There are also several ACE events happening, including "The Team '23 Survival Guide" today in Palm Beach County, "State of Teams Roadshow 2023" on Wednesday, 29th March, in Leicester, and "EAST MEETS WEST! The colourful world of Atlassian Apps" on Thursday, 30th March, in Rotterdam.

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📚 Article of the week

Generational Differences at Workplace

While a lot of companies priotize diversity in their organizations, age is often overlooked as an important element of diversity. Did you know there are 5 generations in the workforce for the first time in history? Research shows that mixed-age teams are more productive than teams of the same age. A great read for any age, so definitely check it out!

Atlassian Partner and Developer News

We look at Partner announcements, major app upgrades, and new app launches. Want to be featured in our stream? Here's a link to submit your updates.

Boston ACE Pre-Team 23 Virtual Kickoff

ACE events organized by Appsvio alongside Vish from Revyz and Nick from Isos Technologies. This Boston ACE Pre-Team '23 Virtual Kickoff covers Atlassian Cloud, ITSM with Jira Service Management, and Data Protection. Learn from industry leaders, gain insights, and expand your skills this week on March 29th.

Navitabs introduces a new Tab Wizard feature to easily create and customize tabs in Confluence, improving content organization and navigation. Navitabs from Bitvoodoo enhances content organization by allowing users to create, customize, and manage tabs within Confluence pages, simplifying navigation and improving user experience.

Team 23 Partner Accelerate

Atlassian invites partners to Partner Accelerate at Team '23, offering additional event discount codes. The event features interactive workshops, networking opportunities, and insights to help partners grow their Atlassian businesses and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Don't miss this chance to learn from experts and expand your network.