4 New Form Automation Components for Jira Service Management

Atlassian team introduced 4 new Automation rules related to forms in Jira Service Management. You'll be able to run automation when the form is submitted but also run an action to attach or copy the form.

These new automation rules will give you more options to get the data from the forms to the teams who need them.

👉 The rules should be available to all Jira service management customers so go and give it a try!

Developer day 22: Lineup announced

Developer Day is a full-day event with talks for developers in the Atlassian ecosystem to learn about best practices and new products.

The agenda of talks is now published with speakers from Atlassian like Mike Cannon-Brokes or Atlassian COO Anu Bharadwaj, and speakers from partner companies Seibert Media, Appfire, Elements, Polymetis Apps, and more.

The Atlassian Marketplace is turning 10!

Exciting news from the marketplace ecosystem 👉 Atlassian Marketplace is celebrating 10 years this month.

The Marketplace was launched in 2012 with 60 apps, after 10 years you can find here app for almost anything, there are over 5000 apps available and new ones are being released every day.

🎁 To celebrate the Marketplace birthday for every app installed on May 31st, Atlassian will donate $5 to Raspberry Pi Foundation.

💪 This is a great way to try out the new apps and discover something new while helping others.

📚 Article of the week: How team agreements help you navigate the brave new world of hybrid work

While working with remote teams its much harder to relate to others, work habits, and expectations are different for everyone which can create frustration in the team.

For example, if you would be in the office you would know that if someone has headphones you shouldn't disturb them or when they come and leave work.

In the remote world, it's slightly more complex. A team agreement is a short set of rules your team agrees on.

For example, we work from 9-5 in our timezones and we don't expect others to reply outside these hours. Or, sick days are days for healing not working from the bed, and so on.

In the article, you can find a few resources to help you and your team set these rules.