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Atlassian stands with Ukraine

Let's start this week's news with a statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the statement, Atlassian made it clear they stand with Ukraine people and are taking steps as a response to Russian aggression. Atlassian is pausing the sale of new software to Russia and suspending existing Russian government-owned licenses as well as licenses to specific Russian businesses that support the war. This also includes our third-party Marketplace apps. They will be also matching all their employees' donations to charities that provide support to those in need via the Atlassian foundation.

Confluence Cloud admins: sign up for early access to an exciting new feature!

Join the early access program for a new smart feature that makes finding content faster and more effective by surfacing related pages.

What's new in Team Central—March 2022 edition

Team central released a few exciting features including Microsoft teams and slack integration. So now you can get the notification updates straight to your day-to-day communication tools! And the Microsoft Teams app even allows you to post updates.

Another improvement is that now you can create questions and teams from anywhere in the app which will definitely save some time when navigating around.

If you're an Atlassian marketplace partner and would like to get featured in the Atlassian Marketplace trends report for Team'22 you can submit this form with a few questions. If your answer gets selected your response and company name will be featured on Team'22 while presenting the report.

📚  Article of the week: Consolidation in the Atlassian Marketplace

A detailed report was written by Blended perspective on the consolidation of the Atlassian Marketplace and focusing on the 2 biggest vendors - Appfire and Tempo.

[Teamwork Musings] Team Consciousness can combat teams defaulting to transaction mode

Christine Dela Rosa started a new initiative in the Teamwork lab called Team Musings. Over the month of March, she will be posting different musings related to the way we work and you can engage with the posts, give feedback, build the ideas up to help them evolve, and try some of the practices yourself. After the 10 days of each post, Christine will pick one winner from the comments that will get a fluffy Atlassian blanket.