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Releases experience improved for Jira Software projects

The releases tab in Jira Cloud got a little uplift, the interface and the layout slightly changed to make the page look cleaner, you can see the PRs and builds for each issue in the table as well. Β 

One thing to be aware of, the option to trigger a Bamboo build when releasing a new version was removed but the Jira and Bamboo integration will continue to work. You just need to release the build directly in Bamboo.

Announcing new Developer Success Stories!

Atlassian launches Developer Success Stories where every quarter they publish a set of inspiring and insightful stories about ecosystem developers. These publications will celebrate developers' achievements, share their advice and create an opportunity for the dev community to connect and get to know each other. Β 
The first 3 developer stories come from Amaresh, ex-product manager at Atlassian and co-founder of Multiplier. Oliver is co-founder of Polymentis Apps and Emre, the Development Team Lead at OBSS. Β 

From building a business on Atlassian Ventures or transitioning apps from server to cloud of Connect to Forge, all of their stories are interesting, so we invite you to go take a couple of minutes and read them. Quite useful advice in the articles as well.

Join Confluence Customer Love Month πŸ’™

During the customer love month, Atlassian will be sharing great tips, best practices, and collaboration resources. But there will also be many confluence activities that you can join like Confluence love scavenger hunt, Confluence love horoscopes, and more. Β You can already participate in the Valentine exchange, you can create your valentine card and exchange it anonymously with the other participants.

Ecosystem Support Talk Time

Another Talk Time event is scheduled for March 2nd. This time the Marketplace and Developer support teams have joined forces to chat about their work in the Ecosystem.

The event will start with talks from Andrew Golokha, developer support manager, and Christopher Parker, marketplace partner operations manager. They will talk about what their teams have been up to in the past year and what's to come. So knowing the ecosystem level of demand for support, this event is a must.

Project Settings are now available in Bitbucket Cloud

Good news for all of us who are running multiple repositories on Bitbucket, now you will be able to use project Bitbucket settings to edit the repositories across bitbucket.

You can set up things like default reviewers, merge strategies, branching models, and more and the changes will be reflected in the repositories under this project. If your repositories have the same standards this might save you quite a bit of time setting up and distributing the changes to your repos.

πŸ“šArticle of the week: How to help your team recover after a setback

If you're progressing fast with your team, failure here and there is inevitable. But it's about how you handle it that it breaks or makes your team! Go ahead and read more about how to handle failures with techniques like depersonalization, isolating failure and avoiding catastrophizing, and treating them as temporary.