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We've got great news for small teams! Popular paid cloud apps like Scriptrunner, Draw.io, and Jexo's Swanly, Foxly, and Octo are now free for 1-10 users.

Marketplace Partners are now able to set their 1-10 user tier to any cost including $0, so small teams (and admins who like to test out apps on personal instances) can now extend and customize Atlassian Cloud regardless of budget.

Atlassian news: Popular Atlassian Apps are free for up to 10 users

New: Embedded Confluence pages in Jira Software

With the latest changes to Confluence and Jira that are being rolled out, you will be able to embed the confluence pages directly in Jira projects so you can view Confluence pages from Jira or even edit and create new ones!

You will be able to access Confluence pages from the project navigation menu in Jira under the "Project pages" tab and from there you just simply navigate and open the page you're looking for.

Atlassian news: Embed Confluence pages in Jira

The Great Atlassian Bake Off competition

The latest competition on Atlassian's Community is out and it's a fun one! From Dec 2 - Dec 12 Community members have the chance to compete for the title of ACE Baker in the Great Atlassian Bake Off! To participate, comment on the announcement post in Atlassian Community to let the team know that youโ€™re participating. ย 

Atlassian news: The Great Atlassian Bake Off competition

Then, just choose a recipe and get "baking"! Cookies, meatloaf, cake, bread, salad (?!) will all be considered. ย  Once you've finished your creation, publish a post detailing:

  • How you chose your Atlassian-themed recipe
  • A summary of how your bake went ย 
  • A photograph of your final creation And the actual recipe ย 

Atlassian will compile recipes at the end in an Atlassian Community Cookbook!

Tag your post with #atlassianbakeoff and put your post in the collection related to an Atlassian product you use (like the Jira or Confluence section, for example). Or you can post it in the Atlassian community Contests group!

You can even get bonus points for video tutorials, videos of friends/family/pets tasting your creation, and sharing your finished product on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter with the #AtlassianBakeoff hashtag.

Webinar Recap: Forge Roadmap Q4 2021

If you're an Atlassian developer or marketplace partner you definitely don't want to miss out on the latest article from the Atlassian developer blog about planned changes and roadmap for the Forge platform. ย 

The article is a sum-up of a webinar where the Atlassian team presented a future roadmap of Forge and if you would like to watch it here ๐Ÿ‘‡

There are a few great improvements shipped to the Forge platform over the last few weeks like Async processing, Secure storage API, or continuous access to production logs. Some other improvements are also currently in works like app monitoring and so on.

If you're interested have a look at the article to go through the roadmap in more detail and there is also a useful Q&A section in the end that might answer some of your questions.

Atlassian news: Forge roadmap Q4 2021

Confluence Holiday Workshop

The Confluence team is getting into the holiday spirit with a Holiday Workshop! Throughout the first half of December on the Community and online, Confluence and partners are running events! ย 

Atlassian news: Confluence Holidays Workshop

You can earn a badge by participating in community activities, like:

  • End of year gratitude today (Monday the 6th) - just thank your team on Community! ย 
  • Or share a Confluence edition of your favorite holiday song/book/film on Wednesday 12/8

Plus, look out for Confluence goodies dropping along the way, like : ย 

  • 24 days of Confluence best practices created by K15t which launched last Wednesday
  • Festive header images in Confluence which came out last Friday
  • New collaboration features! which will be revealed on December 13
  • and on Wednesday, December 15th Confluence will deliver a Product guide on How to use Confluence for Project Collab

๐ŸŽฅ Video of the week: Climate Action Can't Wait

And for this week's article of the week or more of resource of the week, we've chosen a short - 6 minutes video that was released to the Atlassian youtube channel about climate action.

Businesses and governments can make the biggest difference when taking climate action, much higher than just the individuals. Everyone who's a business leader should think about how they can lead their organization towards a zero-carbon economy and help with the decarbonization of the world. As Mike said in the video, the cost of acting now is much lower than the cost of acting in the future.

There is a link to the website sciencebasedtargets.org where you can commit to your climate actions as a business and find needed support.