Early Access: Collaborate and manage incidents with Microsoft Teams

Atlassian has announced the early access program for Microsoft Teams integration with Jira Service Management.

With this integration, you can bring your Microsoft Team chat in the mix for coordinating and collaborating on incidents and requests. Sync your JSM projects in Teams, use the chat and meetings features in JSM, assign priorities directly in Teams and more.

This integration will be available in the next few months but meanwhile, if you're interested in trying it out and have a paid cloud account, click on the request form linked in this post.

🌳 For the next 30 days, one click = one tree!

There isn't ever going to be enough trees in the world, right?

If you would like to plant a tree, you can join this Atlassian community challenge: Over July, you can vote every day for a country in which you would like to plant a tree - and Atlassian will do that on your behalf.
If you vote every day, you can vote 30 times. Which makes for 30 trees!

This way, Atlassian team is hoping to plan 30.000 trees, so go ahead and vote to help them achieve the goal! Together we can make a difference.

Jira Server and Jira Data Center CVE-2022-26135 - Full-Read Server Side Request Forgery in Mobile

Last week, Atlassian published a security advisory related to Jira Server Mobile Plugin. There was a server side request forgery vulnerability, and it affected a list of versions.

The exploit was discovered by the Assetnote team, and Atlassian classified it as 'High Severity' because of the harm it may cause depending on where the server is installed. For example, if you have it installed in AWS it could leak sensitive credentials.

Have a look at the advisory if you have your Jira mobile app deployed on server to take action, or upgrade any of the affected versions.

Introducing the Confluence Daily Digest

Here are some great news for all who use Confluence.
A new improvement to email notifications is being currently rolled out - Confluence Daily Digest.

As you know, Atlassian tools are quite talkative, sending many notifications to your inbox. With this Daily Digest for Confluence, you'll get only one email per day informing you about all changes made in Confluence pages, to keep you up to date.
But if you're a fan of receiving email notifications for each update, you can always switch them on in your settings.

Compass News: Moving to Beta and GitLab Support

It feels like it was yesterday when Compass was launched.
Well, now it's moving to beta!

For you as a customer, this means the product is not going away and you can integrate it into your team process with peace of mind.
It also offers standard certifications and follows security requirements, you would expect from all Atlassian products.

On top of that, the Compass team announced integration with GitLab last week.
So now, you can integrate Compass with Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab to bring in your repos and components and measure important metrics like cycle time, deployment frequency, and more.

What is a personal user manual? How can it help teams collaborate?

And let's close this week's news with an Article of the week!
This time, we picked an article from the Trello blog that talks about personal user manuals and how they can help your team improve communication and happiness.

This personal user manual is a short how-to document on how others should deal with you. It covers how and when you like to work, how would you like to receive the feedback, or what kind of communication tool you use most.

These manuals help to keep everyone's expectations clear and make it easier for all to understand each other's work styles.
There is a link for Personal User Manual play from the Atlassian playbooks and also an explanation of how you can use Trello to create these User manuals.

Have a look, try it out with your team and let us know how that goes!