What did we talk about?

Team '22 starting this week

Team'22 is a yearly event organized by Atlassian, also formerly known as Summit. This year you can choose to join the event in 3 different formats, either in person in Vegas, online or you can join one of the Atlassian community viewing parties. You can go and register on events.atlassian.com/team22 for the one that suits you best if you haven't already.

There is a lot of commotion around Team'22 this week in the Atlassian community and you can find all related posts in the Atlassian events group. The one post that you don't want to miss is the Team'22 bingo which you can play over the summit with a chance to win some swag.

Speaker submissions open for Fail Tales, an upcoming storytelling event in celebration of failure

For everyone who is looking for a chance to practice their speaking skills check out this opportunity to submit a talk for an event that's celebrating a failure called a Fail tails.  The point is to share some stories where you were open to taking a risk and things didn't really work out as planned.

If you would like to join this initiative you need to submit a 1-minute video summarizing your story by the 16th of April. The Atlassian team then picks the top 3 stories and work with you further on your story.

Welo backed by Atlassian and Zoom

Welo is an exciting startup building a platform for virtual office spaces where teams can move freely around the space and have video breakout sessions and meetings.

But that's not all, they have exciting features to increase engagement, and they're also the platform we will use for our PM72 Summit charity streaming event in Summer.

Clearly, Welo is on the right path and this is evident by the seed investment rounds they received from reputable Atlassian through Atlassian Ventures and Zoom from their Zoom Apps Fund.

Appfire acquires Comalatech

Appfire announced the acquisition of Comalatech, makers of popular Marketplace apps like Comala Document Management or Comala Publishing.

Adaptavist acquires agile-transformation experts 'Gravity Works' and expands operations to Africa

Adaptavist announced last week the partnership with Gravity Works, an 8 people strong Solution Partner in South Africa delivering agile consulting and coaching.

With this acquisition, Adaptavist expands its reach, having for the first time presence in Africa. We look forward to all the awesome work these two teams will do together.

Atlassian temporarily suspending new data residency requests for existing instances

Well, let's get to the Atlassian products-related news. Atlassian is temporarily suspending new data residency requests for existing instances.

Over the past few months, Atlassian has seen a much higher rate of requests to enable data residency than was initially forecasted, mostly for customers with large amounts of existing cloud data. This volume of large requests led to rescheduling downtimes for customers who needed to enable data residency or caused downtime outside the estimated window.

In order to maintain reliability for customers requiring data residency, Atlassian is suspending self-service enablement of data residency until further notice for Standard and Premium plan customers.

If you're in need to enable data residency and migrate data you can contact Atlassian customer support and they will enable data residency manually. The priority is also given to customers who are migrating from Server to Cloud.

Atlassian is actively working on fixing the issues and you can read more details about this in the post.

Learn how to navigate a service project in this new JSM course

Last week Atlassian announced the release of a new JSM course: Navigating a service project. This is the second course in a trilogy of the basics of Jira Service Management.  

With this course, you'll learn how to navigate JSM, manage your queue of tickets, gain an understanding of a ticket life, and more. So if you're new and looking to get into ITSM with Jira Service Management these courses are for you so check them out.

📚Article of the week: Your 3-step approach to delivering effective constructive criticism

And finally, we have an article of the week, this time from the Atlassian blog and you can learn about how to give constructive criticism.

If you're the one that relies on a "Feedback sandwich" when delivering the feedback - meaning wrapping the criticism with positive things to create a structure like - positive - negative - positive feedback then you might be surprised to find out that this actually creates distrust in employees, and honestly many actually get confused by not knowing what needs to be fixed.

A much better approach is to use constructive criticism to deliver the feedback where you tell the criticism, give suggestion on how to fix it, and also verbalize what the good looks like.

This form of direct feedback however needs to have a certain set of preconditions to be successful - the right mindset of both, receiver and giver and psychological safety in the workplace to avoid a defensive attitude.

I'm sure you'll learn a thing or two from this article and hopefully avoid using the "feedback sandwich" technique next time you need to give feedback. As they say in the article "Stop wasting energy on being “nice.” Be direct and everyone benefits."