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A new Confluence shortcut to create a page instantly

Now you can quickly create a new Confluence page just by typing make.page in your browser!

You'll be then redirected either to your personal confluence space with a Create new page window already open. If you don't have a personal space in Confluence you will be redirected to the last visited space where you have edit permissions.

This is a great improvement that will save you a lot of time navigating around confluence and will encourage the use of confluence for note-taking even more!

Nominate your team for our annual Team Awards

Every year Atlassian celebrates the world's top teams for their impact and ingenuity while using tools like Jira Confluence and beyond.

There are 3 award categories:

  • Team of the Year: an award given to the team that demonstrates innovation, breaking silos, and unleashing its full potential
  • Best in class (Technical): this is for technical teams that use Atlassian toolset in unique ways to improve their processes and ways of working.
  • Best in class (Non-technical): Similarly to the previous category, demonstrating innovation but for HR, marketing, sales, and so on.

You have until the 22nd of February to submit and winners will be announced on March 14th.

And you might be wondering about what winners receive. Well, apart from an award and entering the Anual Winners Hall of Fame, you also get recognition over the Team '22 digital event, three free passes for Team '23 in Vegas next year, and some special goodies for three members of your team.

New feature to the Board view in Jira Work Management

There are a few handy improvements that were introduced to Work management projects in Jira to help you manage your tasks better.

Now you will be able to choose what fields you want to show on the cards in your kanban. When you're selecting the fields to show you're selecting them for yourself. Your teammates can choose different fields to show.

And you can also quickly perform a new action on the card like copy link, delete, or move the card to the top or the bottom from the menu in each card. And that's about it small and handy improvements to work management projects in Jira that will make your life a bit easier.

Atlassian acquires Percept.AI

Atlassian announced last week the acquisition of Percept AI a virtual agent technology powered by AI. The company is based in California and has been through a few seed investment rounds before being acquired by Atlassian.  

Going through the announcement, it seems that Atlassian plans to use Percept's conversational AI engine that analyzes and understands intent, sentiment, and context to enhance the Jira Service Management experience further.  

This is a significant move for Atlassian and JSD considering all of the latest accelerated progress with the support platform. Introducing the form builder from Think Tilt, asset management with Insight app, integrating Halp, and now adding Natural Language Processing capabilities. The future of ITSM offering at Atlassian looks exciting!

Compare Cloud to DC

If you ever asked what are the differences in features between Cloud and Data Centre you can have a look at this table that sums it all up! In general, it looks like Cloud is recommended over Data Centre and Cloud is also winning in feature comparison offering for example team managed projects, project trash, custom roles, and advanced admin insights.

Q2 FY22 letter to shareholders

The Atlassian quarterly letter to shareholders was published for Q2 of 2022 and here are the highlights:  

1. 10000 new customers this quarter with a whopping 98% of that being cloud

2. Atlassian has now achieved compliance for their products for the financial services industry in EMEA, a great addition to their compliance achievements, including European Banking Authority and BaFin in Germany. However, this is just the start of the journey with compliance for more regions and industries to come.

3. In terms of our Marketplace ecosystem YoY revenue growth is up 131% and customers add 28000 apps on average to their instances per year.

4. Atlassian CTO leaves the company after six years. The company grew 13x in revenue and shifted towards the cloud during his tenure. The successor will be mentioned by the end of the financial year 2022.

5. quarter to quarter number of new customers added was roughly 1700 less than Q1 of 2022 with 10000 new customers in Q2 vs 11745 in Q1

6. Atlassian made 689 million in revenue this quarter and are aiming for 705 million in Q3

7. Cloud revenue grew 58% year-over-year while Data Center revenue grew 83% year-over-year. In Q2 cloud products generated $364 million, Data Center 139, and Marketplace and Services sales 49.8 million  

📚Article of the week: Do your team a favor and start delegating more

If you find yourself thinking that you just can't delegate tasks to your team because they already have a lot on their plate, it's just easier to do it yourself or you don't have time to train others you should read this article.

By delegating tasks you get eventually less stressed and you get more time to do more important and impactful tasks. You give your team the opportunity to grow and acquire new skills.

There is a 6 steps process to help you get into the right delegating mindset and help you identify the tasks you can hand over, of course involving the Eisenhower matrix method that helps you split your tasks based on urgency and impact.