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The Atlympics Awards

Big congratulation to everyone who participated in the Atlassian Community Atlympics games. There were so many great posts created in all categories from Jira, Confluence to Marketplace apps, and migrations.  There was one Atlympian who managed to complete all 13 categories - Brant Schroeder, well done 👏.  In terms of countries the USA won most medals (17), India follows with 12 medals and Germany with 7.

Atlassian news: Atlassian community Atlympics Awards

Cycle Time & Deployment Frequency Report in Jira

Jira now gives you ready-made reports, so you don't have to come up with your own. The new reports help you understand things like Overall cycle time trend changes in the cycle time, Problematic issues week on week, how often the team deploys, how frequently you ship per environment.

The Cycle Time Report is available now on the Reports page in your Jira projects, and the Deployment Frequency Report will be released in the next few weeks. Cycle Time is the total time work takes to go through your development process, and Deployment Frequency is how often you deploy things.

These reports work with both native and third-party tools, so you can be using Bitbucket pipelines or Azure, Github, or Gitlab.

Atlassian news:  Cycle Time and Deployment frequency reports are available in Jira Cloud

New pricing tiers for Trello

Trello is updating its pricing tiers by introducing a new Standard plan priced at 6$ per user per month. The old Business Class tier was renamed to Premium.

In the standard plan, you will be able to create unlimited boards, use up to 1000 automation commands per month, advanced checklists, and custom fields. If you want to go further and enjoy unlimited automation rules, timeline and calendar view, and more you'll need to update to Premium plan priced at 12.5$ per month.

All prices I mentioned were for monthly billing cycles, if you decide to go for the yearly plan-it'll be cheaper.  

Trello is also taking down a limit for the number of power-ups you can use per board. Now you can install an unlimited amount of power-ups on any pricing plan.

Atlassian news: New pricing tiers for Trello

Atlassian's new Compliance Resource Center

The Atlassian cyber security team announced the launch of the new Atlassian Compliance Resource Center last week. You can find this as a tab in the Trust portal. From there, you can dive into all of the certifications Atlassian has. The certifications listing comes with filters and search functionality so you can easily find the documents required by your company.  Each resource has a dedicated landing page with a summary and the products that the certification applies too.

Atlassian news: How Atlassian build their data residency in Cloud

Teamistry Podcast: Where There’s a Will (Smith) There’s a Way

Another great episode of the Teamistry podcast was released last week. This time you can listen to the story of Will Smiths' production company and how they were creating a brand new show during the pandemic called "Will from home". If you're interested in insights on how the shows like this were getting created during the pandemic then don't miss this episode.

The Article of the week: How we build Data Residency for Atlassian Cloud

This week we have a more technical write-up for the Article of The Week.  Jonathon and Jackson from Atlassian engineering team put together this brilliant article talking about the decision to move to AWS and how they prototyped deploying to multiple regions over the ShipIt hackathon.  

By the time the Data Residency requirementwas introduced, the Atlassian services were already running in multiple regions, and user requests were directed to the nearest data center for performance purposes. But, there were still plenty of challenges to overcome to enable customers to choose where their user-generated data exists.

The article goes over a few of these challenges and how AWS services contributed to overcoming them.

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