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Migrate apps using the Cloud Migration Assistants

Great news for server users who are looking to move to the cloud! Now you can automatically migrate your favorite apps to the Cloud. For many, extendability and apps parity is one of the biggest factors for enabling the transition to the Cloud. Atlassian partnered up with over 25 top Marketplace Partners to bring you automated data migration for a list of 70 marketplace apps. And the list is still growing!

Atlassian News: New App Cloud Migration assistant

If you're keen to give it a spin, Jira 8.14 and Confluence 6.13 should already have Cloud Migration Assistant installed and for earlier versions, you can download the Migration assistant from the Atlassian Marketplace.

New feature: Retained search terms for Confluence

The Confluence team announced a change to their search feature on Confluence Cloud. Before, if you were searching for a page, it was imperative you open all the returns in new tabs or windows so you wouldn't love your original search.

Why? Well, if you navigated away from your search, none of that information was retained, which means you have to start over with a whole new search.  

Atlassian News: Improvements to Confluence search-bar on Cloud

But this now changed! If you search now, then navigate to a new page, after you return your search entry AND filter entries will still be there, allowing you to pick up the hunt where you left off.  

This will help with one of the major hassles with finding pages in Confluence.

Atlassian Data Residency Roadmap Update

Atlassian published a post last week announcing that the Data Residency implementation roadmap will be updated to push the support for the UK, Japan, and Canada to 2023.  

Atlassian seems to have had to take a step back and re-focus on data residency infrastructure to bring a world-class solution to customers, which will ultimately mean more reliability and faster times. 👉 Read the full announcement here

Tempo Acquires Roadmunk 🔥

The acquisitions continue this week in the Atlassian Ecosystem. This time it's Tempo in the news, who acquired Roadmunk!  Tempo - known for their time management and capacity planning Apps for Jira will be adding the advanced Roadmapping capabilities of Roadmunk to their portfolio.    

Jira is great for planning on a single team level, but scaling it up to a product or initiative can take a bit of work.  Tempo hopes to fill this niche with this acquisition, which compliments Tempo Timesheets, Budget, and Planner - which all together will tell you not only what you want to do, but whether you have enough people to do it and what it will cost you.  

Atlassian News: Tempo Acquires Roadmunk!

This, of course, is the latest in a long string of mergers and acquisitions in the Atlassian Ecosystem this year - something I expect to see more of in 2022.

🎧Podcast of the week: Should senior leadership drive employee resource groups (ERGs)?

This debate is about if senior leadership should drive employee resource groups or not. Points on both sides are very valid and they debate on how effective these ERG groups can be in producing real change in the organization if they're not leadership-driven.

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Latest news from The Jira Guy

It's been an eventful month for The Jira Guy, you can read more about what happened in his latest post!

Atlassian News: Guest posts on The Jira Guy Blog!

The Jira Guy is looking for new and fresh ideas to talk about on his blog. If you have a topic you would like him to cover, let him know!  You can contact Rodney, The Jira Guy, via the Blog's contact form with any ideas you have!