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Atlassian Assist, Halp’s new partner in crime

Slack & MS Teams Bot is being renamed "Atlassian Assist".  New name, new logo same great Halp bot.  Halp is still Halp, you do not need to use JSM.

Statuspage: Role Based Access Control

A new set of permissions is arriving on the Status page. Now you'll have 3 new page-level permissions that you can assign to your team to further break down who can do certain actions on the pages. There is an Incident manager permission that allows you to create and edit incidents and templates. The Maintenance manager permission allows you to create and edit maintenance and finally Page configurator manager permission lets you customize pages and emails, edit metrics and subscribers, and so on. These more granular permissions help distribute your status page permissions better.

Conversational ticketing in Jira Service Management

Early access of conversational ticketing in JSM powered by Halp is now open for sign-ups for all paid JSM subscriptions.

Weekly events round-up

Next week there are two Atlassian organized events. The team tour government event is 3 days event starting on 1st March, it's an online event where you can learn about migrations and how to use Atlassian tools for managing government teams. And the second event is Ecosystem Support: Product Team Talk Time event for marketplace partners to meet the team behind marketplace support.

Focus group: One workflow editor in Jira Cloud

Do you have thoughts and options on Atlassian merging the Company managed  & Team managed workflow editors? There is a link to a private focus group anyone can join to share your thoughts opinions and feedback with Atlassian about using a single workflow editor for both project types.

Replacement of glance panels in Jira’s new issue view

If you needed to show the app information like fields and so on in the Jira issue you can use glance panels. It appears as a field on the right side of the issue detail and if you would like to read the app-related information or do some changes you can click on the field and a panel will open where you can edit. Based on the feedback this probably wasn't the best user experience, because you needed to do an extra click every time you needed to interact with the app. Now glance panels will be replaced with App groups allowing you to show the content immediately. You can expand and collapse these groups as well.

📚Article of the week: 10 teamwork tips custom-built for 2022

If you remember the Teamwork Lab contest about sharing teamwork tips for 2022. That has now been organized into a single article with top-voted tips being included.

🎁Bonus resources: How-to Atlassian Access series

Jimmy is publishing a series of 5 Atlassian Access how-to articles over February, the last one is coming out this week! Great resources to help you get started and discover tips and tricks when setting up your Atlassian Access + all of them have videos as well.