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Team Central Help Directory

Having a Help Directory where you can find out how to get help from various teams in your organization is really helpful. Team Central's new feature Help Directory helps you find out which team is responsible for what and speeds up access to information by searching for team support links. And when you navigate to the team's profile, you will now find a section titled "How can we help" where you can find links to support forms and articles that the team has listed.

Atlassian news: Team Central Help directory


Get ready for Apptoberfest...  Clearly a pun on Oktoberfest, the wonderful Munich festival that starts in September and runs to the first Sunday of October.

The Apptoberfest is a month-long Atlassian community event ready to begin October 1st. The event is full of learning, sharing of experience, demos, and events for Atlassian marketplace apps with contributions from customers and partners alike.

Atlassian news: Apptoberfest on the Atlassian university

Event: Team Sec Con 2021

This is a security conference hosted by Atlassian, and this year is fully focused on cloud security with lightning talks from experts within the Atlassian team and a discussion panel mid-way.  The event is over two days to facilitate Australian and Pacific time. Atlassian will donate on your behalf to one of three non-profit to help bring education to underrepresented communities. If you register, you'll have the option to make a donation for your attendance which will go to these three charities: Digital NEST, Missing School, and Malala Fund.

Atlassian news: Team Sec Con 2021

GitKraken Acquires BigBrassBand, Creator of Git Integration for Jira

Another week, another Atlassian ecosystem merger and acquisition story. GitKraken has acquired BigBrassBand, the creator of Git Integration for Jira. This deal brings together over 6 million Git users at 85.000 companies worldwide.

BigBrassBand is a platinum marketplace partner in the Atlassian ecosystem since 2009, with Adam Wride CEO.

GitKraken is a product developed by Axosoft out in Scottsdale Arizona, who also make scrum, bug tracking, help desk, and wiki software for development teams.

Team Talks: Open DevOps

As of the end of October, every week for 5 weeks, Atlassian will have a 30 minutes session introducing DevOps practices, standards, and solutions they use internally. It really looks like these will be basically Knowledge Transfer sessions with walkthroughs, reference architectures, and demos.

The first intro session is on October 26th at 9 am Pacific Daylight time, following with the week with two sessions about Atlassian and AWS pipelines on November 2nd.

If you want to polish your setups and practices, grab your tickets and add the events to your calendar, so you don't miss them.

Atlassian news: New team talks - DevOps

Article of the week: Unifying Atlassian Connect and Forge

This is a 10-minute read that gives an important insight into Atlassian's plans around the unification of Forge and Connects into a single platform. It is a look at Atlassian long term roadmap for both Forge and Atlassian Connect, and plans around the deprecation of Connect.
The phased transition from Connect to Forge has 5 stages, starting now at state 0.  Stage 0: Classic ConnectStage 1: Registered on Forge (end of 2021)Stage 2: Forge Auth and UI (end of 2022)Stage 3: Atlassian hosted (Data only)Stage 4: Atlassian hosted (Data & Compute)

Atlassian news: Unifying Atlassian Connect and Forge