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Join Atlassian Community Atlympics games!

The Atlassian user community event Atlympics started last Friday on 23rd July 2021. You can join by participating in one or many challenges, in total there are thirteen of them.

Atlassian News: The Atlympics user community games are on!

For example in the Trello challenge, you are asked to plan your Olympic trip using the Trello board. Or in the marketplace apps challenge, you can write a post about what app you're using for and how it helps your team.

If you want to compete in Atlympics and win a real medal have a look at the list!

Insights for Jira Cloud Scrum projects

Atlassian released the board and backlog insights widget for Scrum projects in Jira.

There are three reports ready for you:

  • Spring Commitment,
  • Issue Type Breakdown for the backlog view and Sprint Progress Insight,
  • Sprint Burndown Insight on the board level.
Atlassian News: Insights for Scrum Jira Cloud project are here!

Reports are created automatically from the data in your project and there is no additional setup or configuration needed. The only change you might need to do is have the administrator enable the "aggregated data permission" so the widget appears.

New Undo/Redo buttons in the Confluence editor

Undo and Redo buttons are being released to Confluence. These buttons are an addition to keyboard shortcuts that are already in place. You can use them to roll back one step back. And as a bonus, the predictability of undo option improved.

Atlassian News: Undo/redo buttons are being launched to Confluence Cloud

Automatic product discovery for Atlassian products

Admins can now discover Atlassian cloud instances created by team members using the email addresses under the domains they manage centrally. A new Product Discovery page gives you the information you need about orphan instances. For example, it gives you the instance admin and the number of users that joined the product.

Coming soon to Team Central: A staff directory for your organization

Team Central is a free (as part of Point A program) reporting tool that plugs into your Jira. At the moment the biggest feature of Team central is Goal setting and reporting but a new feature was just announced - staff directory.

Atlassian News: Team Central announced new feature - Staff directory

If you're looking for a way to structure your teams you can schedule a 30 mins session with Eric to see what is planned and give your feedback.

Critical vulnerability fixed in Jira Data Center

The critical vulnerability affecting all Data Center Jira versions was introduced in version 6.3.0. (This issue does not affect Jira Cloud products)

The issue was exposing an Ehcache RMI network service which meant attackers could connect to ports 40001 and 40011 and run code in Jira due to missing authentication.

The issue was discovered and fixed in Jira Data Center, Jira Core Data Center, Jira Software Data Center versions 8.5.16, 8.13.8, 8.17.0 and/or Jira Service Management Data Center to versions 4.5.16, 4.13.8, 4.17.0.

If you use Jira Data Center make sure you've upgraded to at least the versions that are mentioned above.

πŸ“šArticle of the week: New research reveals employees value well-being over climbing the ladder

Atlassian published their own report on the state of work called the 2021 Return on Action Report for the US and Australia.

The report shows a clear shift in mindset and people put their well-being as a first priority. For example, it states that over 60% Β of respondents would turn down the promotion for their well-being. Β  There is also a section on flexible working and working from home.

The percentage of people who value working from anywhere is increasing from year to year. The last year they recorded the highest increase - 45% of respondents would look for a different job if they would lose flexible working hours or work from home.

πŸ‘‰ If you're interested then go to the article where you can download a full report there are many more interesting insights.

πŸ“£ Announcing JiraCon 21

JiraCon is an exciting event taking place from 5th to 6th October 2021. The event is focused on Jira with 3 tracks: Jira Software, Agile & Culture, and ITSM & ESM.

Atlassian News: Jira Con 2021 is happening online in October

The team at Trundl are the masterminds behind the event with Jexo and Xray presenting and more than 25 other speakers and sponsors.

Jexo has four talks at the event, teaching you about Product Management, Risk Management, and Marketing Practices.

πŸ‘‰ Checkout the event details