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PM72 Summit Agenda is Out

PM72 Summit is a marathon of amazing project management talks from over 50 speakers from the industry while raising money for the Malala Fund charity.

And the great news is that the agenda of the event for just been published with the first bulk of talks 👉 Go have a look and add your favorite events to your calendar.

Have 2 Hours to Spare? Improve Your App Listing

Great tips for everyone who is starting in the Atlassian Marketplace and wondering how to get more traction. One of the quickest wins that bring more customers is to optimize your marketplace listing.

Instead of just listing the app without proper information make sure to include a demo video, app screenshots, and identify 3 main problems your app solves that you can then use to create the marketplace listing.

So if you're wondering what you could improve, give it a read and see.

The Future of Atlassian Data Center

Read the official Atlassian announcement on the future of the Data Center posted by the Head of Product for Data Center, Gosia Kowalska.

There are no plans to discontinue Data Center products. There will not be a focus on feature parity with the cloud but focus on the main requests from DC customers, which are reliability, performance, and security.

Jira Issue Linking Model

If you would like to get a bit more technical understanding of how Jira linking works this post is a great place to go, explaining the data model, APIs, and relationships. So whether you're building apps, automation, or just want to understand Jira a little bit better give it a read.

In praise of high-hanging fruit

We all know and often focus on finding and delivering low-hanging fruit - high impact tasks that are deliverable with low effort, well in this article you'll learn about high hanging food - high impact tasks achievable with higher effort. Why you should care about these, their strategic value, and why they might often be underrated.