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The New Smart Link Embed feature lets you load full confluence pages in Jira issues, Trello boards, and even in Team Central projects or goals.  

How can you do this? Pretty simple, really. We're all used to Smart Links in Jira, pasting a confluence page hyperlink in the issue description gets recognized and converted into an element with visual pop. Until recently these confluence smart links had 3 options on how to visualize them:

  1. as a URL,
  2. as an inline link,  
  3. as a card.

This new feature adds a fourth option to the Smart Link called Display embed. Once selected it will load the whole Confluence page in the issue description section.

Feedback opportunities for Data Centre and Server customers

There are many opportunities this week to share your feedback about Atlassian tools and help shape the future of the products.

First, two feedback calls are focusing on data center and server customers. If you're using Bitbucket on Data Center you can get in touch with Anton Genkin, he's interested in your future plans related to your Bitbucket Data Center if you're planning to move to Cloud or some hybrid model, and if none of that, what's stopping you from moving to Cloud.  

👉 Calling Bitbucket Data Center customers to participate in research

Another feedback call is for all Server and Data Center customers to participate in a user testing interview where they'll try out new designs of Cloud Roadmap.  

👉 Calling all Enterprise Server and Data Center customers: what do you think about our Roadmap design

And last you can join the newly created Workflow focus group on the Atlassian user community. The Atlassian team is working hard on improving workflow editor in team-managed projects and are looking for Jira admins to work with and give them feedback.  If any of these feedback opportunities sounds like the right one for you check out the posts to learn how to participate.

👉 Help make a better workflow editor in Jira Cloud

Announcement: Sunsetting the Jira Cloud for Mac App

Atlassian decided to sunset the Mac App version of Jira and last week they made it public through a community post.  What does it mean? Well, as of February 2022 Atlassian is letting go of the native macOS app to focus entirely on the web browser version. The app will still be available to download from the mac store, but no new features will make it in, nor will they offer support for it.

Partner Webinar Opportunities: January 2022

If you're looking for a place to go to see all partner organized events you can have a look at this community post in the Apps & Integration group on the Atlassian community.  We started creating these monthly webinar & events roundups inspired by an Atlassian organized events roundup that you can find in the Welcome center group.  If you're an Atlassian partner and would like to get your event listed here comment on the post or message us on LinkedIn :)

Team Tour Goverment event

Team Tour for Government agencies is taking place over 3 days from 1st March. This event will be a digital one streamed by Atlassian, and attendance is free for any teams and individuals working for government agencies.  

We are presented with a great lineup of speakers that will cover topics like Confluence for the Public Sector, Jira Software for government DevSecOps, JSM for internal agency services delivery, and plenty of Public sector customer insights.

Is going to be an eventful 3 days for sure so book your ticket and clear up your calendar. There are plenty of things to learn, and you also get CPE free credits, so more reasons to join in.

Broadcast with banners in Jira

And we can't miss this new feature that was released last week to Jira Cloud. You can now create a site banner to share important information with your Jira users.

There are a few options in terms of customization - you can add any text you want to be displayed in the banner, there is an option to hide and show the panel, giving users the ability to dismiss it and last the visibility level - if the banner is for logged users only or for anyone who accesses the site no matter if they're logged in or no.

You can find the banner settings in the main Settings > System > Announcement banner under the User interface.

Appfire acquires Numbered Headings from Avisi Apps

Appfire acquired the popular app Numbered Headings from Avisi Apps.  The Numbered Headings was Avisi's most popular app with over 6000  active installations with the second-most popular being their apps Atlas CRM for Jira and Confluence.  

With this acquisition, Appfire continues to consolidate its suite of publishing tools, and to quote from the press release, "aim to streamline collaboration for teams by making it easier to create and share content."  

Appfire does have a smaller app in its portfolio already that has very similar features to Numbered Headings. It's called Easy Numbered Headings and was developed by Bolo Software which was acquired almost a year ago by Appfire.

📚Article of the week: Which should you focus on first: monthly active users or revenue?

And now to the article of the week from the Atlassian Work life blog answering a big question - should you first focus on monthly active users or revenue?  Spoiler alert, the answer is monthly active users especially if you are running on the freemium pricing model like Atlassian, or us.  

The idea is that if you would need to choose one metric to focus on, the monthly active users are representing the customers who are using your product and getting the value out of it. If your users are happy with your product you can eventually start charging them and they'll be happy to pay.

To grow your MAU there are 2 key things to focus on - low-key marketing tactics like useful content and SEO that can reach many people at once and removing any barriers when someone tries to sign up for your product.  

So if you're working in a saas company this definitely worth reading to see how you can apply this to your product.