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Take part in a quick survey to help shape the future of Atlassian events. The questions range from the type of content you want to see at Team '22, the format, duration of sessions, as well as questions about if you'd attend in person or prefer digital format. The deadline for submissions is 24th August 2021.

New in Confluence: Emojis in page titles & page header images

With the latest Confluence release, you'll be able to add emojis and header images to the confluence pages and blogs. You can find an emoji button above your page title where you can select any emoji from the library and it will be added to your page title.

If you would like to add a page header you get an option to select an image from the Unsplash library or you can upload your own. The header image then appears above the title making your page look much nicer (and cooler).

These changes are being rolled out gradually so if you can't see them yet in your confluence don't worry - they'll be there soon.

Atlassian news: Improvements to page's headers in Confluence

Confluence personal notifications are now available in Teams!

The Atlassian team is getting ready to release a new feature for the Teams integration. You can join an early access program to try out the personal notifications feature for Teams and Confluence.  This new feature will allow you to receive customizable Confluence notifications in Teams for when someone mentions you, comments on a page you own, and updates on pages you are watching.

Atlassian news: Confluence notifications for Teams are in Beta!

Check out the latest Marketplace app listing updates

The Atlassian marketplace app listing was a redesign, performance improved and the pages are now also mobile-friendly.  There is also a new "Cloud migration" tab for Server apps where you can find useful links like Feature parity comparison or cloud migration pathway making it easier for you to plan your migration to Cloud.

And the last improvement that will be rolled out during September is the Cloud app pricing calculator.  With this feature, you'll be able to calculate the exact cost of the app directly on the app listing.

Atlassian news: New Marketplace apps pricing calculator

Incident Responders and Linked Alerts in Jira Service Management

Now you'll be able to assign an OpsGenie alert to the person or team on support directly from the Jira Service Management ticket. For example, we at Jexo use OpsGenie, which is our hub for alerts and incidents for all our apps. We have all our engineering teams registered for weekly on-call support in case things something goes wrong in production. Our customers report issues, and the support engineer on-call needs to look at the issue. An Opsgenie alert needs to be triggered to notify them to look at the customer issue. This new feature will make the whole process seamless.

Atlassian news: Jira Service Management integration with Opsgenie is available on Jira Cloud

Article of the week: Designing the future, 14 days at a time

The article covers Learnings from designing 3 years vision for the Atlassian enterprise customers that are in line with Enterprise strategy. The team was running 14 days sprints creating enterprise vision storyboards. Storyboards turned to be a great tool to visualize and present the vision further to the teams and stakeholders making the communication easier. You can find an example of one of the produced storyboards in the article.  

Don't miss out on this article if you're building products or focusing on research, you'll find something new there.

The Startup Corner: Chat with Anton from Hello Clerk

Join Biro, co-founder at Jexo, and Anton, founder at Hello Clerk, on a live stream on Friday 27th August 2021. They will chat about how Anton started his startup and he'll also share his key learnings from his journey with us.

The live Startup Corner podcasts will happen every month, and there is already have a great lineup of startup founders scheduled for the rest of the year. We'll also be talking to Daniel from JXL, Lukas from Meetical, Gorka at RoninPixels, also Old Street Solutions, and one that's not ecosystem-related, but we'll also chat to James, the founder of the popular GoSquared SaaS suite of products.

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