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A new easier way to get employees into your Jira Service Management Help Centre

In JSM you can now automatically accept internal customers by setting up one or more corporate email domains to auto whitelist as internal customers.

For those who use JSM to support employees inside your organization, you'll know what big of a pain this has been until now because every new employee that would register to access the service desk portal would be created as an external customer with limited access. And an admin was needed to manually switch the user group to the internal customer.

Find issues faster in your team-managed board and backlog

The next improvement we're going to talk about is probably long-awaited by everyone who's using team-managed projects. Custom filters are coming to team-managed projects!

Now you'll project admins will be able to create custom filters that then show up on your board and backlog. A handy feature if you for example want to filter out all issues updated in the last 3 days, High priority bugs, issues with certain labels, and so on. Filters are created using JQL so the possibilities are limitless :)

Highlights from Team Tour: Government 2022

At the beginning of this month, Atlassian had its annual Team Tour Government event with many speaking sessions directed to government agencies.  

This post published last week highlights the top five sessions and why you'd be interested in watching. Like learning how the newly created Space Forge decided to go with a digital onboarding approach and used Trello for it. Also, don't miss the fireside chat with Accenture's CTO Christopher Copeland talking about challenges agencies face on their transformation journeys. And check out my favorite talk topic, portfolio management and how lean portfolio management fuels project transformation in the public sector.  

The whole event is dedicated to the public sector and government agencies, but the content should be interesting for any team going through a transformation. There is a lot to learn from agencies that have gone through change so check out the article and pick up sessions to watch.

New Confluence GraphQL APIs in Beta

This piece of news is for ecosystem developers, Atlassian is making GraphQL APIs public for Confluence. This is amazing for those using GraphQL and fans of well-documented entity relationships.

The API is in the Beta experimental phase with limited capabilities and Atlassian mentions in this article that they will rely on the community feedback to progress the API. It also means that they can change anything at any time so don't go using it in your production systems just yet.

Customizable panels in Confluence

Exciting news! The custom panels for Confluence are now being rolled out.
With this new feature, you'll be able to customize info panels in Confluence by assigning emoji as an icon and you have an option to choose from a variety of colors.
The rollout is currently at 20% so if you can't see the new info panels yet they should be available to you in the next 2 weeks.

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

This week we have no Atlassian organized events but plenty of Partner organized ones.  

Start your events week tomorrow with a webinar from DragonAgile teaching you how to successfully migrate to Atlassian Cloud.

If you're in construction or real estate you'll want to check out the Onpoint Serv talk on Wednesday to learn how to plan and track your tasks in Jira.

On Thursday, there's also plenty of choice with a couple of talks about Confluence and a couple taking on ITSM with Jira Service Management.

📚  Article of the week: Atlassian’s work futurist says it’s time to spring clean your musty work habits

And for the article of the week, we picked the interview with Dominic Price, work futurist at Atlassian that was posted on the Protocol website. It's an interesting read about how Dominic became a work futurist but also that this job title is becoming a thing in other companies too! He also shares some tips on how to align teams and improve work.  

The first tip is "Getting rid of baggage" - the longer you work somewhere the more baggage you accumulate, your day-to-day todos, meetings, habits. You become busier and busier and have less time to experiment with new things. Dominic recommends doing periodic reviews of your tasks, meetings, and rituals and getting rid of the ones that don't bring any value. He says that the worst thing that can happen is that you just revert back but in the best case you can get hours to focus on something else.

§There are more useful tips like focusing on outcomes over outputs, assessing team health, and so on, so give it a read.