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Agile Wordle community  contest

What's something you do every day? For me, it's checking my Jira dashboard, but for teams at Atlassian, it's Wordle. Wordle is a daily word game like a crossword puzzle. The Atlassian Agile and DevOps team is obsessed with it and they invite you to join in the fun using five-letter agile terms. There are already some great examples from the community in the comments. Add yours by February 24 for a chance to win some swag.

Bitbucket Cloud account password usage for Git over HTTPS and API ending March 1, 2022

BitBucket Cloud is removing, for a good reason, the ability to use your account level password when authenticating for Git over HTTPS or accessing BitBucket APIs.  

For a while now BitBucket has enabled users with the App passwords feature to generate single-use and limited access passwords that can be used with your client, editor, and third-party applications. This is the new secured standard to tap into your repos and BitBucket. You can find this in the Personal Settings > App passwords tab.  

If you've been using your account password with various setups you better change that ASAP because as of the 1st of March, in less than two weeks, you'll lose connectivity through your account password and your script and apps will stop working.

Halp introducing a new & improved Jira integration experience

Halp is a conversational ticketing solution Atlassian acquired in 2020. It brings real-time messaging to tools you already have, like Jira Service Management, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. The improved integration aims to solve common pain points like syncing Jira issues and automatically creating forms and fields. The new integration experience launches this week and there are plans to keep improving it over time.

Weekly events round-up

Here we are, another week with a lot happening regarding events, mainly from partners. We got for tomorrow AtlasAuthority teaching you how to build dashboards in Jira Cloud, Adaptavist talking how-tos with ScriptRunner.

Thursday, like last week, is packed again with 5 webinars about cloud migration, JSM, marketing teams in confluence by Actonic, and even a webinar in Italian, a guide to migrating to the Cloud.  

On the side of Atlassian organized on Wednesday and Thursday we have an Agile at Scale webinar about Jira Align and enterprise insights metrics.

Metrics are now available in Compass

Let's talk about Compass; a portal for developers and dev managers that helps track what engineering teams build. It connects information like documentation, runbooks, and repositories across a distributed architecture into a central, searchable location. Last week Atlassian launched version 1 of their new "metrics" feature to monitor the performance of components and teams inside Compass. There are pre-defined metrics like "pull request cycle time" and "unit test coverage". You can also create custom goals to monitor too. Just link Compass to your Bitbucket repo or use the REST API to send other metrics to Compass.

📚 Article of the week: How to think like a Product Manager

This week the article I want to highlight comes from the Developer blog and it's a brilliant piece meant for Marketplace Developers.

A large portion of Marketplace partner founders is technical folk, with an engineering or IT background. This is great because it means we have a load of technical brilliance in the ecosystem but as we transition into cloud and SaaS product models some gaps in skills start to show. For example not having proper product owners while building products.  

This article explains how to think like a product owner and why the role is even needed. It talks about empathy for users, understanding what they want, acting like a PO, and organizing yourself and the team accordingly.  

This is a must-read for many in the ecosystem that are scratching their heads on how to build more value with their products and what skill set you to need in the team to do so. You might be interested in learning how to PO yourself or want to hire for the role, either way, read this article for some guidance.