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Halp support for private replies

Halp is an internal ticketing system that integrates well with your messaging tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Halp helps teams centralize internal requests, basically saying bye-bye to messy and scattered conversations across multiple systems and keeping employees messaging on their beloved chat tool.  

This latest update introduces the ability for admins to set specific queues as sensitive, which will make replies private. What it means is that let's say you have an HR inquiry about a benefit. You can raise your question on the HR public slack, but replies from the HR team will be sent to you in a Slack direct message using Halp tool. The request conversation remains logged in the Halp system for the HR team, but rather than having on Slack the thread reply public where some of that info might be sensitive, the conversation continues automatically on a direct message.  

If you use Halp already this feature should be available in your settings so give it a try.

Atlassian news: Halp private messages

New: Organization structure in Jira

The team behind Atlassian’s Team Central product announced they are shipping a new set of features. Team Central was announced back in February 2021 and has been promoted as your team’s homepage for status reporting. It’s still in BETA, but this latest announcement from Atlassian shows they are serious about investing in this new product.

With new features that were announced you’ll be able to look up someone you work with to see their reporting lines in the company. Who’s their manager? How many direct reports do they have?  What department are they in? This is critical information when you are trying to encourage cross-team collaboration. Previously, we would have to switch out to an HR system or a custom-built directory in order to find this information.  

Atlassian news: Team central organisation structure and other improvements

Secondly, Atlassian announced new filtering options. You can use filters like job title, department, and reporting line to find exactly the right person you need to talk to.

The last feature Atlassian announced in this post is an extra level of detail on the org chart which shows not only reporting lines but also what goals and project each person is accountable for.  In larger companies, this context is so important - and to be able to find the right person and the right time could save hours internally.

New Atlassian podcast - Work Check: Should companies eat their own dogfood?

New podcast alert 📣! Atlassian just launched Work Check, a brilliant podcast debating everything work practices.

The host, Christine talks to members of the debate team with different views on a specific topic. There are rounds for the debaters to make their point, and Christine awards points then at the end one side is crowned the debate winner.  

Atlassian news: New Team Check podcast by Atlassian

The first episode is about the practice of dogfooding, mainly if everyone in the team should be using their product to know their product or there are downsides in forcing the practice when your team is not the target consumer. You can enjoy learning how Easy Agile practices dogfooding their tools made for large-scale agile but in a faster, smaller setup than their target customer.  

Give the first episode a listen, and I promise you'll not be disappointed.

📚 Article of the week: Experience debt — what it is, how to measure it, and how to pay it down

This week's article is written by Sam Irons, a Content Designer at Atlassian. Sam writes about Experience debt - what it is, how to measure it, and how to pay it down.  Sam explains that in the rush to ship new features, Software Companies leave ‘experience debt’ behind.  

Atlassian news: Great article about experience debt

The experience debt is like tech debt, they are compromises we make in order to get the minimum viable product out the door.  Sam defines the different types of experience debt, like UX debt, paper cuts, bugs, journey complexity, and prerequisite paths.  In the post, there is an acceptance that some level of experience debt is always inevitable, although it’s important to prevent debt that is reckless and deliberate.  Teams need to take control of their design debt, add buffer to future iterations and commit to tracking the level of acceptable experience debt using metrics.  

If you work in software, UX, or design, this is a must-read.

iPad, GoPro and more prizes at JiraCon

JiraCon is shaping up to be a brilliant event, probably one of the most prominent Atlassian-related events this year. There's a crazy good lineup of speakers, break-out sessions, and booths to visit. You will for sure leave the event a lot more enlightened in the Jira ways.  

But on top of that, I got some exciting news for you! Jexo teamed up with Trundl to bring you the JiraCon Raffle with awesome crazy good prices. The grand prize sponsored by Jexo will be the newly released iPad Mini. With the second prize, the recently launched GoPro 10, sponsored by Trundl. The third place will take home a Harmoni Standing Desk provided by Jexo. And 7 other winners will get swag bags with some cool merch by Trundl and Jexo.  

Make sure to grab your event tickets and don't miss the opening keynote, where Patrick will explain how you can participate.

🥳 1 Year of Easy Agile Podcast

Easy Agile is very proud to share that their podcast has reached the ripe old age of 1 and had over 1,000 downloads! 👏👏

The conversations Easy Agile had on the podcast over the last 12 months and the caliber of guests have been outstanding and you could learn from experts in their field like Dom Price from Atlassian, Kit Friend from Accenture, John Turley fron Adaptavist, Melissa Reeve from Scaled Agile and Chris Stone, The Virtual Agile Coach.  

Atlassian news: Easy Agile podcast turns 1 year

If you’re looking for something new to listen to and engage your system second thinking 👉 Head over to easyagile.com/podcast to check out the latest episode.