New in Atlas: Share what you know with Learnings

Atlas, the teamwork directory from Atlassian, is introducing the Learnings feature! Project leads will be able to record learnings with each week's project updates. And the team will be able to contribute by accessing a project's Learnings tab.

But the most important and useful feature is the ability to see learnings from other similar projects. This enables the team starting a new project to explore knowledge from other teams in the organization that ran or are running projects that have been tagged with the same labels.  

The Learnings feature is now available in Atlas so open the app and explore it.

If you're not yet using Atlas, I recommend you give it a try, is a great tool, is currently in Beta and you can use it for free.

Editing long Confluence pages just got easier

And now let's have a look at the latest improvements to the Confluence Cloud. This one is related to editing long pages in Confluence.

In the past when you would land on some longer Confluence page, scrolled down, and then click on edit. You would be taken to the edit mode and directed back to the start of the page.  

Now when you click edit you would stay in the same position and will be able to edit the text you were focusing on before.  

Also, a quick tip, if you want to be even faster with editing your pages you can use a shortcut that takes you to the edit mode immediately. - just press the letter E on your keyboard.

What's New in Confluence Cloud – June 2022 Edition

The next improvement to Confluence is a new feature called related pages. At the end of your Confluence page, you'll be now able to find 3 selected links that are most relevant to the article you're reading.  

The suggested pages are for now available only for Confluence pages, you won't see them on the blogs or Jira Service Management customer portals.  

You can find more features that were announced during the last month to Confluence in this post. We already covered them in the previous Monday's coffees but you can scan through if you missed any.

Step by step guide to fix Confluence security issue

A couple of weeks ago we talked about an exploit found in Confluence that allowed an attacker to run unauthenticated code scripts in your Confluence Servers. We also mentioned that Atlassian took action and patched the issue in the latest versions.

For those who didn't yet upgrade their Confluence Server, I want to make you aware of this great article written by Rodney, also called The Jira Guy. In his article, Rodney explains what this vulnerability means to you and gives you a well-formatted tutorial on how to mitigate the issue without upgrading your Confluence version.

The real reasons you procrastinate at work

And now to the article of the week, this time from the Atlassian blog talking about the actual causes of procrastination and how to fix them.  

You could split procrastination into 2 different groups depending on when it occurs - either you can't start the task, or you can't finish it. Both of these have different causes and fixes you can apply to move forward.  

One of the tips, or we can also say explanations in the article was that we can't finish the task because we're perfectionists. Trying to create a perfect result before we share it with the team. But that brings another problem which is that the longer you work on something the less open you're to feedback.  

Sharing the progress of your work over time, even when it's not finished and perfect makes it much easier to ask for feedback and act on it.  

So if you struggle with procrastination, give this article a read and maybe even bookmark it so you can refer to it later if you catch yourself procrastinating.