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Event: Team Office Hours with Dr. Dom

On 12th August 2021 there is an Atlassian official event with Dominic Price as a speaker called: "Team Office Hours with Dr. Dom". Dominic Prince is an Atlassian Work futurist will be answering questions about teamwork. You can submit your own question in this post.

Atlassian's Q4 FY21 letter to shareholders

The Atlassian Q4 report and respectively end of financial year 21 have been published last week.The whole year has been a very impressive one in terms of progress, achievements, and overall growth no wonder the TEAM stock grew by 25% right after the publication!

Atlassian news: Q4 FY21 letter to stakeholders shows increase in customers over past quarters.

🤓 Quick summary:

  • Atlassian finished Q4 of last year with just over 174,000 customers
  • Atlassian surpassed 2 billion in revenue generated this year which is an increase of 30% over the previous year
  • and also hired 1500 new team members

There is significant progress in the cloud department with cloud revenue increasing by 47% year on year. If you give the report a read you'll also find progress in product development and growth across the 3 strategic markets: Agile, IT, and Work Management.

A new improved way to add and edit links is being launched to Jira and Confluence in mobile apps.

There is a new plus button that you can use to quickly add a Jira ticket or link but you can also find there other edit actions like add image and so on.

Newly you'll be able to tap on the existing link to edit it and then click on the Edit link button. That way you don't need to delete the link and do everything again like before.

Atlassian news: New way to add and edit links in Jira and Confluence mobile apps

There is also a search when linking new pages and you can also use the slash command add to add links even faster. And last but not least, smart links are going to be available on Mobile too!

Confluence Cloud for Microsoft Teams app

Atlassian team launched a cool new app to integrate Confluence with Microsoft Teams. With this app, you can start a new Meeting Notes Confluence page right from your Teams call.

But not just start it you have the confluence editor embedded into the Teams interface so you can type your notes in a familiar app.

It also automatically tags the meeting attendees in the document and you can search for Confluence pages and attach them directly from your Microsoft Teams call which is pretty handy.

Important news for everyone who is using the following Play templates apps for confluence:

  • Project poster,
  • Project health monitor,
  • Leadership health monitor,
  • Service health monitor,
  • DACI.

These templates will be moved to the Template section in the main Confluence navigation on 1st September.
The Experience Canvas Play Template is not going to be moved to the Templates section and is going to be removed from the marketplace. If you want to keep using it there is a PDF version that you can download.

Snapbytes joines Appfire portfolio of acquisitions

Appfire announced the acquisition of Snapbytes. Snapbytes is a Marketplace Partner with about 8 apps listed, primarily focused on ITSM. Their most popular app is Time to SLA for Jira Service Management and they cumulated over 4300 installations across all of their apps. As part of the acquisition, the founder as well as the team of engineers will join Appfire.

Atlassian news: Appfire acquires Snapbytes

📚 Article of the week: What your industry says about your cloud migration

The article from the Atlassian blog called "What your industry says about your cloud migration" is analyzing survey data about moving to Cloud.

Atlassian news: Survey uncovers cloud product benefits based on industry

As the name suggests the article is looking at the survey data from the industry point of view to see how the answers differ. The industries you can find in this article are:

  • computer software companies,
  • media and advertising,  
  • professional services,
  • education, and government.  

To summarize the top benefit of moving to the cloud was Eliminating manual upgrades for Computer software, Education, and the Government industry. On the other hand, Media and advertising, and the professional services industry-valued most that they could lower the cost of hosting and hardware.