General availability for 35,000 is here!

Let's start this week with some big news!

Atlassian has announced general availability for 35,000 users for Jira and Confluence products on a single instance. This is a huge milestone for Atlassian and the enterprise customer.

Atlassian is now working towards the next milestone which is 50,000 users on their Jira and Cloud products by Q1 2023.

There is a serious process behind extending user limits for Atlassian products to ensure the performance of the Application is up to the standards.

The 35,000 users' availability enables more enterprise customers to move to Cloud.
If you're interested in more details, have a look at the post.

It's trivia time. Ready to win a Cloudie?

There is a competition currently running in the Cloud migration group on the community where you have a chance to win a Cloudie plush toy.

Take a quiz attached in the post and share your results.
You can also get bonus points if you share a photograph of clouds.

Automation feature rolled out - Create branch in Bitbucket

And now this week's feature announcement. If you're an Automation and Bitbucket, fan you're going to enjoy this one.

A new feature released last week enables you to set up automation rules in Jira to create a Bitbucket branch!

There is a great set of smart values that you can use to create automation with Bitbucket, such as environment, repository, branch.
And now the latest one - create a branch.

There is also a link in the post where you can find examples of how to use this new automation rule. Go ahead and have a look!

Confluence is now on YouTube!

The Confluence team announced a new Youtube channel launched last week.

There, you'll be able to find all content and playlists related to Confluence: tips, tricks, best practices, and more.

So if you want to stay up to date with Confluence news, subscribe to the channel so you don't miss out on any updates.

It’s Time to Celebrate: Forge turns one

As an article of the week, this time we choose a dev related post and with good reason. The Forge platform turns one year of being in general availability.

Forge is the most important project to come from the developer ecosystem team in the last year. It is positioned as the future of how we build applications for the Atlassian product suite.
And from this article, you get a sense of how important Forge is.

The article gives a recap of all the developments and progress with Forge in the last year. There were a lot of top feature requests delivered, such as Custom UI, Custom Fields. And plenty more is currently in development.

In this year, the team delivered app monitoring dashboards, expanded the range of products supported like Compass and JSM, improved storage and authentication capabilities.

Looking at the summary of everything achieved in one year, it is safe to say the team is hard at work and we should see Forge evolve in this second year.

If you're interested in staying up to date with Forge progress, check out their public roadmap and register for the quarterly updates they do.