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Looking for 15-20 volunteers to test Atlassian training content (Jira Automation)

Great news for everyone who wants to polish their skills in Jira Automation. A new course at the Atlassian university is available in beta until 24 April.

You can enroll in this beta program for free and provide feedback at the end of the course. Β The course and it includes everything you need to know about Jira Automation to create your own rules in Jira from basic ones to more Advanced including branch rules, smart values, and so on.

Register for Developer day '22

Atlassian published the landing page for this year's Developer Day event. This event will take place on the 9th of June starting at 9 am Central European Summer Time.

The event is for Marketplace partners, developers building solutions for their own teams, and really anyone interested in finding out about product announcements and learning about Atlassian development, be it beginner level or advanced.

Now available: Statuspage integration for Compass!

Status page integration is now available for Compass. With this new feature, you'll be able to connect compass components to the status page components. That way you will be able to set the incident or maintenance of the component directly from Compass without the need to leave the tool.

Atlassian Outage Update

And now let's have a look at the updates around the Atlassian outage on around 400 cloud customers that started on April 4th.Atlassian engineering and support team has been busy communicating with impacted customers and restoring their instances. The team is expecting to have all instances restored until Tuesday 19th April.

Atlassian's CTO also posted the announcement detailing the exact reasons why this incident happened and what are the next steps to prevent it from happening in the future.

App editions are coming to Marketplace

Atlassian has officially announced the App editions feature for the Marketplace. Atlassian is planning to enable marketplace partners to structure their app features and pricing into Free, Standard, and Advanced. This is awesome because it enables us to further develop our products for the power users and price them accordingly while keeping the base product cost accessible to the majority of users.

πŸ“šArticle of the week: Build a Social Media Publisher with Trello

This week we have an interesting article pic for all Trello fans. We found this article about how to build a social media publisher with Trello on Brittany Joiner's substack - a hidden gem where you can learn new Trello hacks every week.

If you're running your LinkedIn or Twitter account you can definitely make use of this Trello and Zapier automated workflow where you can schedule your tweets and posts.

This is a great free alternative for post scheduling especially for personal profiles if you don't want to use mainstream scheduling tools.