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Team โ€˜22 Registration is now open!

Registration for the most anticipated in-person Atlassian event is now open! If you want to be one of the 3000 attendees at the event, you better head on to events.atlassian.com/team22 and book your ticket asap. Given that this is a smaller event than usual, we expect they'll run out of tickets quickly.

If you can't attend the main event in Vegas, don't worry there will also be in-person viewing parties at Atlassian Community groups in New York, London, Belin, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Bangalore, and Nairobi.

Don't F&*% the planet

In case you missed the news on social media, Atlassian ran an ad in the New York Times last weekend calling business leaders to join The Science Based Targets initiative which will help them with taking action in the climate change and set net-zero strategy.

New feature in team-managed projects : Show or Hide Issues of a Certain Status on the Board and Backlog

Team-managed projects get another useful and most needed feature: The ability to hide issues with specific statuses from the board. Team-managed projects have evolved significantly since back in the days of being called next-gen. ย 

And after adding the neat ability to create as many resolution statuses as you can think of, you can further customize by just not showing the columns in the board and configuring the board for some statuses to be dropped in the "Unassigned statuses" bucket.

Lessons & tips for working on a team for 2022

Great discussions topics are being posted every day on the Teamwork lab group in the Atlassian community. The current topic that is running until 20th January is "Tips and lessons for 2022".

You can easily participate by posting your tip for 2022 explained in 1 or 2 sentences and why it's relevant for 2022. Or you can go ahead and join the discussion on already posted topics or you can do both!

The bests selected posts will get featured in the Atlassian Work-Life blog and the 3 most engaged posts authors will get a cozy blue blanket.

๐Ÿ“šArticle of the week: 4 communication styles and how to navigate them in the workplace

And finally the article of the week. We picked the article that was published on the Atlassian Work-life blog called: "4 communication styles and how to navigate them in the workplace".

In this article, you'll learn about 4 different communication - dominant, influencers, conscientious, and steady and you will learn about their strengths and their weaknesses. ย 

There is this chart in the article that will help you with the assessment. For example, the dominant type likes to keep things on the topic without too much fluff and they're fairly blunt, they like to ask to follow up questions on the spot and they don't like chit chat.

On the other hand Influencers like casual conversations, freedom to express their ideas and emotions but they won't really go into the details with you.