Presenter Mode for Confluence is here

Let's talk about the awesome presenter mode in Confluence. We mentioned prior this feature was in the making but is finally here, getting rolled out currently and people love it!  

You now have a Presenter mode button that hides all browser and app navigation, brings content forward making it bigger on your screen, controls similar to a presentation, and a cursor highlighter to help guide focus.

If you use Confluence give it a few weeks while the rollout happens and have a look, try it out.

Duplicate request type available in Jira Service Management Cloud

Back in 2017 when I was setting up my first ever Service Desk system in Jira Cloud, I found it so time-consuming to have to create each request type manually for all the projects when most had very similar specs that could be copied across.  

Well, last week, my past pains have been now resolved. Atlassian announced they're launching a new feature enabling you to copy request types in JSM 👉 go and give it a try.

Participate in research on the search experience and Compass dashboard

Sophie a Researcher at Atlassian posted last week looking for volunteers to help in research to improve Compass, Atlassian's hottest new product. The two main focal points for the research are Compass search functionality and a potential new dashboard feature.

If you've been working with Compass and are interested in helping improve the experience and value you get out of it go on and have a chat with Sophie. Apparently, there's a thank you gift so more reasons to get involved.

📚 Article of the week: Company Culture, Company Values: Why Do They Matter?

Now let's talk article of the week: We have a great and easy read talking about how Company culture and values need to interlock in order for your team to feel connected and practice the Company Values.

The article explains what Company Values are, what culture in an organization means and why you need it as well as why values matter. It talks about the dangers of shallow values and how to create a values-driven culture.

One section there talks about connecting process to values and it's pretty much what I wrote two years ago in an article called "Why teams fail acting their own values" - There I talk about how you need Team Principles to help guide toward actions that reflect company values.