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Compass: Interactive map view for your dependencies!

If you're using Compas Alpha you can enjoy a newly released feature - Component dependency map. In the addition to the list view of component dependencies, you can now use this visual dependency map of your component with key component information like description, when it was last deployed, and so on.

Atlassian is looking for feedback on this view to see how to improve it further so go give it a try and let them know in the comments on the post.

Weekly Atlassian Events Roundup

We have an action-packed week when it comes to ecosystem events. This week, there are plenty of webinars organized both by Atlassian and Partners.  

On 15 and 16th of March you can attend a webinar with Trello leadership discussing Atlassian's state of teams report and how Trello has evolved and empowered teams. There's also an interesting talk about open DevOps on the 16th of March.  

As for the partner organized events, on Thursday there's an introduction to Jira Align by Expium for those unfamiliar with the tool. On the same day, Core Soft Labs will be talking about Agility in organizations.

Team '22 Agenda - including partner events

And speaking of events, Mathias from K15t has set up a great Trello board with all the in-person events happening over Team '22 in Vegas. This includes stuff organized by Atlassian over the days and partner organized events.

So if you plan to head to Vegas for Team '22 at the start of April do check out this board, there's plenty of happening from Monday 4th all the way until Friday 8th of April.

Atlassian is looking for 15-20 volunteers to test Atlassian training content

The Atlassian team is looking for up o 20 volunteers to test Atlassian training content to help improve Atlassian University.  

There is a new unreleased course that needs testing called "Navigating service projects". Before testing the course it's good to have the initial fundamental course on Jira Service Management completed.

If you would like to participate then check this post to see how to enroll in the program, the opportunity closes at 11:59 pm Pacific time today.

Security transparency between Marketplace app developers and customers

To help customers and partners streamline sharing of security information and build trust, Atlassian enables customers to request the self-assessment answers developer submitted for their apps.  

This post invites any Marketplace partner to consent for Atlassian to share their self-assessment submission with customers evaluating their apps. The questionnaire answers will be sent to customers who ask for them as they are, and customers will be able to contact the partner for further clarifications.

Forge apps in JSM

Forge developers are finally able to create apps for Jira Service Management. This latest upgrade in Forge brings JSM specific API endpoints and eight new modules dedicated to tickets, queues, portals, and so on.  

In the post, you'll find a couple of examples of the modules shown on tickets but I'm honestly excited at the thought that we'll be able to add modules on the portal. There are also examples and use cases of what you could build with these new JSM features.

📚 Article of the week: How do you ask a “good” research question?

The Article of the week is this time taken from the Atlassian Design blog where you can learn all about "How to ask a good research question".

It's a really great in-depth article written by Joyce S. Lee, UX researcher at Atlassian, talking about hypotheses, quantitative and qualitative research, and explaining how to prioritize your research based on initial knowledge by assessing a Risk and Clarity on the problem.

If you would like to get a few ideas on how to ask better questions during research have a look at this article.