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Looking for presenters for the 2022 Atlassian Government Symposium

Atlassian Government Symposium is a 3-day event scheduled for March 2021, as part of Team Tour, dedicated to government agencies looking to improve agility and introduce solutions to tackle complex transformation and work management challenges.

Atlassian News: Looking for presenters for Atlassian Government Symposium 2022

Lawrence, Public Sector Manager at Atlassian posted on the Atlassian community forum seeking Government Community Members to present at the event. These presentations are recorded and should be around 25-30minutes long. Submitting the form doesn't mean you commit to the presentation but mainly to have a chat with Lawrence and his team about your use case and next steps.  

If you work for a government agency and use Atlassian tools to solve some of your biggest challenges, do submit the short form in this post and help inspire others with your stories.

What’s new & what’s coming to Jira Cloud for iOS, macOS, and Android

This post is a roundup of exciting improvements to mobile platforms:

  • Added a new Home button on the navigation and tab bars so you can quickly go back and forth between projects, boards, recently opened issues, and much more.
  • Smart replies for iOS that suggest replies to Jira comments to save you some time.
  • Jira Widget for Android to see priority issues and the latest issues without opening the app.
  • Notification filtering to declutter your notifications.
  • More information is available on your boards within the app.
Atlassian News: Comment replies recommendation in Atlassian iOS apps

From the things that are coming soon:

  • More Info will be available in the issue; history, comments, work logs, all the good stuff.
  • Atlassian also recognizes that some of us prefer to search with JQL, so they will be adding an advanced JQL search feature soon.

Sounds like some pretty awesome stuff has been added to Jira Cloud, so make sure you check that out!

What’s new in Insight for Jira Service Management Cloud vs. The Insight app

Insight was acquired not that long ago by Atlassian to enable native asset and configuration management in JSM. The insight team has been hard at work in making the integrated version of Insight that much better.  

Among the improvements that the integrated version has versus the stand-alone Data Center version: No more Asset Fields, the team has created a native custom field called Insight field which is significantly more powerful and flexible.

Automation now is done in Automation for Jira rather than native Insight capability. There is a dedicated JQL function to search Jira issues based on the attached objects and their attributes better, native importing capabilities.

Atlassian News: New improvements in Insights Jira

RoninPixels has joined the Appfire family

Appfire has added another incredibly awesome team to the Appfire Platform & Portfolio - RoninPixels. RoninPixels bringing their top-tier data visualization tools, further expanding Appfire portfolio.

If you're interested in why is Appfire acquiring many vendors make sure you watch/listen to the last part of Monday Coffee with Jexo podcast linked in the beginning of this article!

Contegix Acquires Ascend Integrated

Contegix has acquired ASCEND Integrated, further establishing Contegix as the premier Government Solutions Partner for Atlassian.

ASCEND Integrated brings advanced system solutions for Agile, DevOps, and system implementation to the table for Contegix. Ascend is primarily focused on the federal government market which will help bolster Contegix expertise in Agile, ITSM, and DevOps in the public sector.

Congratulations to both teams on the acquisition, and looking forward to continued success from the Contegix team!

New Atlassian Cloud Pricing 2021

Atlassian just announced price increases for all of their cloud apps across all plans. This pricing increase will come in effect as of 12 October 2021.

Atlassian News: New pricing changes to Atlassian products including Jira

Here are a couple of examples of New Jira Cloud pricing:

  • Jira standard monthly cost increases for tiers 1 to 100 by 50 cents per user and it gradually decreases to 15 cents per user for tiers 15.000 and up.
  • For Premium Jira 1 to 100 tier the increase is the same, 50 cents per user but this one goes down to only 25 cents per user for those enterprise size instances of 15.000+.
  • Confluence standard increases 50 cents per user if you're up to 100 users, and it goes down to 10 cents for 15.000 users and more.

👉 Read the full post about New Atlassian Cloud pricing

📚 Article of the week: This is how many hours you should really be working

Are unsure how many hours a week you should work? Finally here are some answers backed with good data. It's 38 hours and here's why.

We've all heard that working more hours doesn't equate to higher productivity. According to research productivity drastically drops at The World Health organization notes that working more will actually increase your chances pretty sharply of having a stroke.

Atlassian article of the week: How many hours you should work?

Laura Vanderkam, a time management expert suggests through her studies and research that the sweet spot you should work in a normal workday is around 7.5 hours a day - equating to about 38 hours a week.

Atlassian's article explores alternative time schedules:

  • 5 x 6 hour days
  • 4 x 10 hour days

All in all, according to most experts, to achieve that workweek happiness euphoria, work slightly less than 40 hours.